Customer Keeper Solutions, An e-commerce customer service solutions company.

Raising $150k for capital and marketing for my e-commerce business specializing in staffing remote customer service agents for online stores

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Customer service is a vital part of a company’s success.  In the world of e-commerce, an owner must remember their competition is just one mouse click away.

Customer Keeper Solutions provides a ready made, remote customer service dream team to help e-commerce business owners maintain customer retention and scale their business without the hassle of scouting for talent! Our pool of remote customer service agents have been verified by us in order to guarantee great customer success. 

Employers have the luxury of avoiding overhead costs, posting a job, reviewing resumes and going through the interview process by letting us handle their hiring needs. Hiring remotely also opens a world of opportunities to find the right person to have on their team. Employers can choose to  increase or decrease their customer service team depending on volume throughout the year with our flexible contract options, saving them thousands of dollars a year. 

Our easy to use platform allows for employers to post their job on our site for a monthly subscription fee of $50, with the certainty that only qualified candidates will apply for their position. Agent packages are also offered in 3, 6 and 12 monthly contracts. We also offer tailored quotes to fit company needs and fill open positions. Job seekers can apply to jobs directly on the site after approval from our team of experts and/or get contracted to work any project within a company that’s a good fit with their skills and background.

Staffing agencies have an unlimited income potential with the right management. The highest profitable staffing agency in the US currently makes over $20 billion dollars a year. With the recent explosion in e-commerce,  business owners are relying heavily on their online business to survive. Customer Keeper Solutions focuses on helping online businesses grow while building long lasting relationships. 

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