Cup Royale, Race Around the World

Raising $500K to hire team and secure the next round of funding.

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The Problem:

Tens of thousands of centimillionaires would love to exclusively own an major league sports team franchise or a quality Formula One Team.

They simply cannot afford a major league sports franchise or a quality Formula One team.

CupRoyale® is a new international sports league that will compete every year.

CupRoyale®  is similar to  Formula One Racing and the America’s Cup  combined, with a testing and proving ground for new technology.

CupRoyale is the first ever in the history of mankind, powerboat race all the way around the world.   Instead of charging billions to own a major international sports franchise, these centimillionaire families can purchase an exclusive national  team franchise for the CupRoyale for $6m in year one, $12 m in year two, $24 million in year three.  Eventually they will cost the same as other major league franchises or close to it.  However, by then the CupRoyale will be a mature business. 
•       This is proving ground; a chance to develop and prove new propulsion technology. Teams can use any propulsion system they want.  


1.    TV and Media Outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, Apple TV, Netflix, Sky TV, Telemundo, and more.

2.    International Companies like Caterpillar, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, Airbus, and more, who want to advertise globally. 

3.    High net worth families who want to own an exclusive America’s Cup or Formula One race team for a lot less money. 

4.    Traders and investors who want a global, new clean slate opportunity for NFT’s, Blockchain, and Digital Coin.    

What problems is the CupRoyale solving?           

1.       TV and Media outlets are always looking for new content that can provide extremely large predictable audiences so they can sell advertising.  By far the largest predictable regular TV audience in the world is racing. Nothing else is even close.  One hundred percent of the ten largest venues / stadiums ever built were built for racing. 
2.       Ninety percent of world trade takes place by ship; burning almost 100 billion gallons of fuel each year.  Propulsion technology has not improved significantly since 1957.
3.       Almost all international sports are already sold out, not leaving room for newcomers to own teams, unless they are ultra-wealthy, with many teams valued in excess of hundreds of millions and even into the billions USD.  There are approximately 55,000 centi-millionaire families that are not yet billionaires.  Many would like a chance to own an international sports team before it is worth hundreds of millions or even billions. 
4.       The cost of sponsoring an international sports franchise has escalated to over $100M.  There are a lot of companies who would like global publicity at reduced costs. 

The CupRoyale is the first and only high-speed yacht race all the way around the world, a global competition for fuel efficiency including synthetic fuels and good old-fashioned racing. 

·         It is the longest, toughest race on the planet.

·         It is broken down into 20 stages / 20 ocean races and 20 harbor races. 

The CupRoyale is built on the proven exclusive territorial franchise model that the American NFL uses.  

·         Only one team / franchise is allowed per country.  This lets almost every person on the planet know what team they want to follow and see win.   

·         Only 50 teams will be allowed worldwide. 

·         Exclusive national franchises will become priceless over time.  

·         In addition, it is a brand-new clean slate field for blockchain, NFT’s, and tokens.

 The team is led by Ralph Brown- four time world record holder in extreme boating.

 BOD includes:
  •  Randell Young- Managing partner of Venture Net Partners
  •  Kevin Carr- Former V.P. of the NBA
  •  Sabrina Hashmi- Live event promoter and freelance software consultant
  •  John Liddi- Automotive executive and former President of So Cal Acura during  Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach 
Additional Team members include:
  •  Larry Garrison- He is a international publicist, almost every person in the US  or and Europe over 30 has been exposed to his work.
  •  Gary King- Organizer of the World Offshore Powerboat Racing  in FL.
  •  Bruce Schulman- MIT grad- project manager helped to set two world records 
  •  Alexander Ming- Former Comptroller for AIG CAT EXCESS insurance.
  •  Robert Brown- Film maker, producer, and holder of four world records in boating.

We have an engagement letter from a fully licensed and insured with a 27 year FINRA verified history to bring us the next round of funding.
This firm has raised over $300 Billion in funding for the sports and entertainment industry.   We are: Sports and Entertainment.

We are seeking $500K  to hire our team and hire this firm to help us get the next level of funding, $18M.

Profit opportunity:  Early stage investors get a much better deal.

Our offer three choices. 
1.  Preferred stock paying a a3% dividend $6 per preferred share, $30,000 minimum.
2.  Common stock,$1 per share,  $25,000 minimum  ($1M maximum in total).

Exit Strategy:

We expect to take the CupRoyale public or to be acquired. We think media outlets like Liberty Media who bought Formula One might target us.  Our target is to be worth in excess of three billion USD once we are fully operational.  This should take about three years.  

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