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Hedge Fund Joint Venture operation

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I am looking for a joint venture partner to launch a potential hedging fund company that will be eventually be going public. Basically,  in this joint venture, the investor opens a trading account with a reputed futures clearing company, and appoint me as the manager under the power of attorney arrangement. I manage the account and offers guaranteed or nonguaranteed participation. The investor will earn under the guaranteed version, a minimum 25%, or a nonguaranteed version, a minimum 75% annual rate of return.  If these rate of return are not earned by the investor, the manager will earn nothing  under the  profit sharing plan as stipulated in the  joint venture agreement. There is no lock in period.  if you are not happy  with the daily progress or for any other reasons , you can stop.  flexible plan.  Your participation will also earn a free 5% shares in the initial establishment of the public company plus an option to purchase of up to 25% of the initial company's stock.   The aim of this public company is to achieve a billion dollar market capitalization within 10 years from the time its getting listed. The risk in this joint venture is limited to a maximum of 10% of the initial capital funding under the nonguaranteed plan. For the guaranteed version, the investor's risk is zero.  If interested, please contact  me through the email at [email protected] . Thanks.

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