Creating Stronger Athletes Academy

Raising 200k plus a sports complex for student athletes

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Creating Stronger Athletes Academy is an open enrollment program designed to meet the needs of underprivileged and talented athletes living within our community. Our national preparatory program located in Corona, CA is focused on preparing our boys to compete at the highest level in front of top collegiate coaches in the country. 

Our objective is to prepare our basketball players to reach their full potential both academically and athletically so they can successfully attend and graduate from college. Achieving this goal for our talented players can be extremely challenging due to the socioeconomic concerns facing our athletes. 

Too many of our nation’s talented basketball players are failing to reach their academic potential in high school, which causes them to lose scholarship opportunities to attend college. 

Our team of exceptional teachers, tutors, trainers and coaches strive for improvements and identity solutions that assist our student/athletes to be successful at the next level. Through education, training, mentorship and national exposure our student/athletes can obtain a college scholarship and potentially break the cycle of poverty for future generations to come.

Creating Stronger Athletes Academy is a specialized charter basketball school that is striving to create one of the most fundamentally trained and dedicated national high school and Post Grad programs on the West Coast. Coach Andre Smith has dedicated his life to uplifting his athletes and committed and determined to pull the very best out of each and every player. 

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