Raising 10 Mil+ to develop the Texan-American innovative evolution of the sport of Soccer named COSMIC TREKBALL that interacts athletics with A.I. robotic technology.

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I, Ramon Reyes Borges, am an Inventor, Sports Designer Entrepreneur. Since 1989 until today I have been the creator and owner of the evolution of several existing sports that include the evolution of Soccer which I have named COSMIC TREKBALL; the rules of the sport of COSMIC TREKBALL were written and completed in Smithville TX in 2022 by myself, but the origin of its suspended goal concept dates back to 1970 when I was a kid.

As a fully developed indoor-outdoor sports product COSMIC TREKBALL introduces the interaction of ball playing athletics with AI, programmable automated robotic technology as the game will unfold on black Astroturf artistically illustrated as the starry firmament with planets, stars, and galaxies, that also will explore the use of fiber optics to illuminate the lines on the playing field, creating a colorful simulation of playing the ballgame among the stars with the use of stadium florescent black lights that illuminate in glowing neon effect everything on the cosmic playing field including the players' and referees' uniforms, and the ball to play the game, bringing the optics of the ballgame to a higher level of sports entertainment.

The sports project is to be developed in two simultaneous faces; face one: it consist in building and developing the first pioneer manually operated elevated goal prototype which top point stands at about 21-23 feet high that will be used to practice the sport; it is already fully designed in professional graphic drawing specs with several options of design that observe all safety elements needed and required to operate it as it will be used to demonstrate with actual players how the  rotating goal works; once it is built and we demonstrate it to be a proven product, the plan is to present it as a preview in an exhibition with ball players to introduce it on a 'Sports News Network Press Release' to as many sports networks as possible as a 'new sports concept' to prepare sports fans for a 'World Premier Innovative Sport Feature Presentation' that will be televised in the near future.

Face two must be implemented at the same time as face one; it is the development of the first suspended rotating robotic goal that will be mobile for transportation and relocation as several robotic arm models are being looked into for consideration to construct the goal which will require robotic engineering to customize it; face two of the project includes the development of a  futuristic cosmic theme Astroturf playing field designed to be assembled and disassembled in squares being the size of an official Soccer field. The Astroturf, the robotic goals, all the lighting, electronics and equipment will be transported for televised sports exhibitions in indoor arenas and outdoor stadiums (when weather permits it) as the COSMIC TREKBALL production will tour nationwide initially featuring 'the first two COSMIC TREKBALL professional teams ever created; this nationwide tour sports productions in a short time will generate vast interest and appeal and it will lead to the creation of a new 'Texan-American COSMIC TREKBALL Sports League' with multiple franchise teams' that will generate a several months televised sport's season; eventually COSMIC TREKBALL will be promoted worldwide as a Texan-American Sport Innovation.

As an important part of the sport's creation, the invention of COSMIC TREKBALL introduces an innovative intellectual aspect of 'English Language Color Literature' I invented over a decade ago that reflects the core of the sport's 'Starlight Spectrum' essence that is also featured on the lines that cross and mark the playing field's zones; it is the first 'Starlight Spectrum Language Alphabet System' ever created which I have named SPECTRA GRAMMAR that permanently applies the colors of the light spectrum (rainbow) to the English Language; with SPECTRA GRAMMAR for the first time in history we are able to typewrite in full color. The spectrum coloration on the COSMIC TREKBALL playing field's lines as well as on the SPECTRA GRAMMAR English Alphabet writing system is used only as a scientific application for cosmic expression that reflects the 'Universal Starlight Spectrum' that reveals shape, depth, texture, and form to our perceptive reality; VERY IMPORTANT: as a protected concept of this project, the starlight spectrum aspect strictly does not represent, signify, or applies in any way, shape or form to any modern cultural personal or social expression of political views or opinions on rights anywhere and or at any given time, again, it is only cosmic light spectrum expression.
All classic ball game sports we know today took many decades and hundred of years playing them to develop and become the way they are now; the COSMIC TREKBALL sports concept is going to leap forward, speed things up, evolve the classic concept of Soccer, become and manifest in approximately one year, give or take few months as a sports documentary of all aspects of its creation from athletics to robotic technology development will be filmed in real time; the objective and goal is to impress the entire world of sports by placing Texas in America as a leader in sports creativity and inventiveness; a robust sports promotion and advertisement campaign in main stream media will also be essential to achieve great success.

In short explanation terms, the profit return I am prepared to offer for the investment funding of this new futuristic sport development project is not earning percentages, or percentages of interest on your funding investment, or an equity percentage of my company, it is far better and greater: it is the acquisition of a franchise license team ownership that will represent one major city in the USA which is a dream investment for anyone being that most classic traditional major sports franchises are worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars these days and they increase in value extremely fast in the billions of dollars as the teams perform well and are strongly promoted; funding the development of COSMIC TREKBALL will put the spotlight on your investment firm and earn great worldwide recognition. 

As a unique new cosmic theme sports culture, without exception all COSMIC TREKBALL franchise teams will bear names of celestial bodies and constellations in the cosmos along with the name of the major USA city they represent preferably a single word team name such as for example: Austin 'SUN', Dallas 'ORION' etc.

In the process of the development of the athletics sports production two professional COSMIC TREKBALL teams will be formed that will tour performing game exhibitions and become very famous; at the end of the nationwide tour and or worldwide tour, as long as it may be, the investor entity that funds the development of COSMIC TREKBALL will become the owner of one of the two franchise teams that will represent a city in the USA.

The development of a new futuristic cosmic theme sport will earn a place in sports history and sports fame to the wise ambitious investor entity that can see the popularity of astronomy with the new James Webb Space Telescope, and is able to foresee the inevitable fate of humanity widely engaging in orbital and suborbital outer space travel in the space industry in the near future and seizes this funding investment opportunity to be present at the dawn of the development of a futuristic new cosmic theme sport industry inspired by space travel; once the cosmic theme sport COSMIC TREKBALL is established and recognized as a pinnacle of artistic athletic expression in this new millennium it will be played and appreciated by humanity for thousands of years to come by countless future generations as 'the sky will no longer be the limit, for humanity will run and play ball in the sky on Earth.

For more details and a frank conversation to discuss how it can be possible to work together in this business sports venture please contact me through this platform.

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