Corvette Innovationz LLC DOT legal headlight design.

Funding for headlight Conversion development

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I have innovative products for automotive use. I bring a strong design to the table and I want to expand with the functionality of my products and improve production methods. 

Here ar corvette innovationz we make Corvette parts for our corvette enthusiast!!! Are main product and what we are know for is the sleepy headlight Conversion for the C5 Corvette. Which when in stock we do about 30-50k in sales a month. Asking for 100k for funding for the development cost and equipment. We make everything in house beside the leds which we were getting from China which our supplier just up and shut down on us after we were putting in huge order cause we were selling as fast as they came in. Now since they shut down we wanna make the led itself so that we don't have to worry about lighting issues which also opens up a lot more Avenues for more sleepy headlight Conversions for other cars as well and also allows up to make the lights with high and low beam so that cars in other states can use are lights as well which I believe will triple sales!!! And also allows use to get in the market for other lighting opportunities in the corvette market can check us out at email:[email protected] or call me 8647142081

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