Coppersmith LLC, DBA Coppersmith Cabins

Raising $3.7 million dollars to purchase existing cabin resort and add UTV/snowmobile rentals

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Coppersmith LLC is looking to purchase an existing long term business, log cabin resort, centrally located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  It boasts rustic log cabins that sleep from 2 to 8 guests with a total of 17 cabins. The current business financials show steady growth over the past five years with an average revenue of $336,000 and last year hitting a high of $416,000  while neglecting the winter and spring months and shutting down most of the operations for February through April.

We will capitalize on the market by adding UTV and snowmobile rentals on-site along with extending the open season to include the months of February and March. Per guest reviews, the only major complaint has been the lack of comfortable beds and bedding. As such, we will replace all mattresses with therapeutic memory foam mattresses and new bedding. Conservative projections show revenue with the addition of the UTV and snowmobile rentals to exceed $600,000.

The target market is 3 tier. 
1) the young couples ages 25-44 that plan their vacations in advance.
2) the retired individuals/couples that adventure out to travel and discover what is out there.
3) the adventure seekers that love to explore on a moments notice and want to optimize their time.

Coppersmith LLC is a Native American female owned entity that is a husband and wife team working together to make a dream become a reality.

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Respectfully, Hannah Bosley and Cody Smith

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