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Trying to raise up to $500,000 for a new craft brewery

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I'm an experienced brewery operator looking to branch out and serve the Calaveras County community where my wife's family is from. I've attached part of my business plan here in hopes you will see I'm very serious about getting this brewery going. I'm a hard working family man with a 22 month old and a new baby on the way. My wife and I are really looking forward to getting this brewery up and running and being able to serve the community and help with sponsoring local events, little league teams etc. 

Copper Valley Brewing Company (referred to from hereon in as the "Company") is intended to be established as a Limited Liability Company at 1990 Hoover Ave, Pleasant Hill, California 94523 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the craft brewing industry. The Company solicits financial backing in order to be able to introduce its new product (described below).

Business Description
The Company shall be formed as Limited Liability Company under California state laws and headed by John Schuman.
As a Co-Founder of Gilman Brewing Company, I was instrumental in the opening and operation of 4 satellite locations across the Bay Area and Northern California Region. I personally oversaw the design and renovation of each location, working closely with contractors to ensure an exceptional customer experience. In my management role, I successfully led a team of 25 employees, building positive, productive relationships with distributors, vendors, and other breweries in the area. 


Business Mission
Copper Valley Brewing Company is here to serve great beer by exceeding guest expectations by providing fresh craft beer, remarkable food, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere while striving to be the family go-to destination of choice whether you live in the area or passing through to your destination.

Copper Valley Brewing is:

Guest and Community-driven

We strive to provide the highest level of guest satisfaction with focus on friendly service, extraordinary ales and food, fun and value.


We will treat all members of our team with the same utmost respect, positive encouragement and sense of common courtesy that we expect them to share with every guest and all our business partners.

Dedicated to excellence

Our exceptional operational and financial performance will leave our customers thoroughly impressed.

Copper Valley Brewing Company is prepared to introduce the first brewery in Copperopolis:

Craft beer often offers unique and interesting flavors that can't be found in mass-produced beers. Additionally, many craft breweries prioritize sustainability, community involvement, and local sourcing, which can make them attractive places to spend time. Plus, breweries often serve as social gathering spots where people can come together to enjoy good drinks and company. All of these factors combined can create a sense of community around a craft beer brewery.


Funding Request
The Company requests a total loan of $500,000.00 in exchange for up to 24% equity ownership in the Company. The funding proceeds will be used for the following purposes:
Funding will be used to purchase brew equipment and FFE build out for the restaurant as well as employee salaries and business operations (supplies, linens etc).
Purpose | Loan Amount

FFE & Marketing | $100,000.00

Staffing | $200,000.00

Brewing Supplies | $200,000.00

We expect to break-even within a 2-3 years time period following the introduction of our product.


Industry Overview
In the United States, the craft brewing industry presently makes 7.9 billion dollars in sales.
Current trends happen to be India Pale Ales and low ABV percentage beer like Pilsners and Lagers.
Research shows that consumers in this industry primarily focus on the following factors when making purchasing decisions:
The destination offers the only brewery within a 20 mile radius of any competitor and is located right off of highway 4, a heavily traveled highway, with families visiting Yosemite or going up to Big Trees National Park to camp.

Business Goals and Objectives

Short Term:

Our mission is to brew and serve high quality craft beer to our customers. In the short term, we aim to produce 300 barrels a year and primarily sell 90% of our product through our own taproom to maximize profits. As we grow, we plan to expand our distribution channels by canning our product for in-house and outside sales. 

Long Term:

Our long term vision is to establish Copper Valley as a beloved destination for beer enthusiasts and families alike. We seek to cultivate lasting relationships with our community, customers, and local vendors. Our focus on quality will remain unwavering as we strive to increase our sales, both in-house and in the wider region.

Legal Issues
The Company affirms that its promoters will acquire all legally required trademarks and patents.

Target Markets
The Company's major target markets are as follows:
Our brewery is strategically located to serve the vibrant communities of Copperopolis, Angels Camp, Murphy's, Sonora, and Farmington. With a combined population of 15,842 and an impressive 3 million cars that pass through Copperopolis on their way to the beautiful Sierra foothills and National Parks, our target market is diverse and extensive.

In fact, with approximately 1.5 million potential clients within our geographic scope, we are poised to serve a significant portion of this bustling region. Our goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for families, where they can enjoy quality crafted beer and make memories to last a lifetime.

Target market for the brewery will be the families of Copperopolis, Angels Camp, Murphy's, Sonora, and Farmington with the total population of 15,842 and the 3 million cars that pass through the town of Copperopolis on their way to the Sierra foothills and National Parks.
The estimated number of potential clients within the Company's geographic scope is 1.5 million.

Pricing Strategy
The Company has completed a thorough analysis of its competitors' pricing. Keeping in mind our competition's pricing and the costs of customer acquisition, we have decided on the following pricing strategy:
At Copper Valley Brewing Company, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the best possible value without sacrificing the quality of our products or compromising our bottom line. That's why we conducted an in-depth analysis of our competitors' prices and took into account the costs of customer acquisition before deciding on our pricing strategy.

Our goal is simple: to offer competitive pricing that aligns with the quality and value of our product while ensuring our in-house costs are met with appropriate pricing margins. That means every beer we produce will have a healthy 80% profit margin, ensuring we can continue to invest in our people, our process, and our product to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

Distribution Strategy
We will start with distributing our product to local restaurants in the area. First few months will be self-distribution then we will look into other distribution companies (i.e., Delta Pacific, Geyser, Sacani etc.).

Promotional Strategy
The Company will promote sales using the following methods:
Copper Valley Brewing Company has a competitive marketing plan to get our business name out to all neighboring cities. We will be actively posting on Social Media outlets at least 5 times per week. We will also be hiring social media consultants to help with attracting a proper demographic for our brewery. We will have billboards on highway 4 heading east and west. We will have a Point of Sale system to assist in gathering customer emails and phone numbers to send out sms and email campaigns advertising newly released beers, restaurant specials and upcoming special brewery events.

SWOT Analysis


Our brewery has a strategic advantage as being the only brewery within a 20-mile radius of its competition. Additionally, our location just off highway 4 offers a great opportunity to attract customers looking for refreshment before embarking on their Sierra adventures. As a family-owned business native to Copperopolis, we are committed to serving our local community.


Copperopolis is still developing in terms of consumer draw, however careful selection of our operational hours will allow for lower labor costs and to ensure sustainability of the brewery.


With recent and upcoming developments, Copperopolis is poised for growth in its population of craft beer lovers. This includes the influx of new residents into the area, as well as the emerging demand for craft beer.


While there is always the potential for another pandemic, our brewery has taken proactive measures, including ample outdoor seating areas, to ensure the safety of our customers. We remain committed to providing a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.

Exceptional service will be at the heart of everything the Company does, and will serve as a foundation for the brand's future success. Every client will be treated with the utmost care and attention, receiving personalized and timely service whenever it's needed - whether that's during transactions, conflicts, or any other type of interaction. This commitment to providing top-notch service is sure to attract a dedicated group of customers who will become loyal to the brand and return again and again for their needs.

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