Copper City Roasters

Raising 150k to build coffee roaster business in a growing Montana City.

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We own a shop (considered historical bldg.) that we plan to turn into a Coffee Roasting shop. Butte Mt does not have any Roasters in any direction. and town is growing. Huge opportunity .  Population growing, real estate exploding, and we are near center of town , busy main road.
The bldg needs renovated, and we have a business plan ready. Lots of assets for collateral as well.  Coffee is something we take seriously. Having lived in Seattle for 30 yrs we have an appreciation, and it's a growing appreciation here in Montana. We plan to sell not only locally but internet sales as well.
We have sourced the beans and roaster, and again the historical bldg is in need of renovation. The business aspect will grow over time from just a Roaster to an actual Coffee and study location.  University of Montana, Montana Tech is right of the road. 

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