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Raising $100K to start a residential HVAC service company in North Texas. 100% Return on investment.

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Residential HVAC service in North Texas. 

Texas is a prime market for home HVAC services.  The Texas total HVAC market is approximately 9 Billion annually, with North Texas accounting for approximately 3 Billion.   

Our mission is to provide an outstanding service experience to our customers by understanding their needs and putting the customer first in the service process.  The common practice in residential HVAC is to go to a customers home and tell them they need a new $20K system and hard sell them.  I believe this to be a predatory practice and I have seen this happen to my family and friends.   Having been in a leadership position in one of the largest HVAC organizations in the U.S., I want to change this practice starting in North Texas where I live.  I believe there is a better way to service customers, who are working moms, grandparents, or just young couples that just need to be safe in their homes.  

I am looking to raise approximately 100K for start up costs.  I can provide a pro-forma and pitch-deck with full breakdown of the market, addressable market breakdown, cost breakdown and what these funds will be used for.  Each individual investor will be paid back 100% of their individual investment.  

My goal is to begin operations this fall with 3 HVAC service technicians and 2 plumbing service technicians.  Starting in the fall is a great time because this allows up to get established and more prepared for the busy spring and summer of 2024.  

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