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Envy Ship's vision is to be the top  leading cooler and beach umbrella company that provides innovative and universal coolers that are redesigned to hold beach  umbrellas. We will also be selling  the umbrellas separately for the coolers. Our coolers will have different sizes/design and will be able to be utilized on all outdoor surfaces and activities . Such as; camping , pool side, fishing, tailgate parties, picnics, outdoor events, beach, lakes  and kids outdoor sporting events.  Our mission is to bring comfort, style, and  freedom into outdoor activities by introducing innovative and quality coolers that can hold  beach umbrellas and can be placed on any surface. No more digging holes in the sand, standing or laying out in the hot summer sun. With "CoolerShade" all outdoor activities will be more pleasurable for all of our consumers. Our model  is "it's cooler in the shade". Our coolers will also have artwork and words of affirmation on the surface. The umbrellas will also come with the option of having words of affirmation in the interior of the umbrellas. Our mission is to provide products that will keep our customers cool while enjoying the outdoors. With the combination of  inspiring words and artwork to keep our consumers spirits elevated  with  love and positive  energy. We will only offer quality products that are  fun and designed to ensure that they give and create wonderful  and impactful  moments. Our "CoolerShade" will help protect  our customers from the harsh sun  UV rays while enjoying fun outdoor activities with family and friends .There will be no more spending useless time digging holes in the sand at the beach to set up
your umbrella, just for the wind to blow your umbrella away. With CoolerShade, your umbrella is set up in less than 1 minute and well secured. Simply place your umbrella into Coolershade sleeve, fasten it with one bolt, and you’re done. It’s that fast and that easy. There will be no more cutting your poolside layout time short because your place of resident doesn’t provide umbrellas for the pool. Problem solved, take your easy and portable CoolerShade with you poolside. You can enjoy your ice cold beverage of your choice while laying out by the pool in the comfort of a shade provided to you by Coolershade. No more looking for a tree to shade you while trying to enjoy a delicious plate of BBQ at a picnic. Simply place CoolerShade by the picnic table of your choice and enjoy your food with a cold beverage. Why waste a whole day off, waiting for the sun to cool down to go fishing? When all you have
to do is fill CoolerShade with ice, your beverage of choice, sandwich, snacks and enjoy your beautiful day off fishing at the lake or the pier. Have you ever been to tailgate party and there was no more room left under the tent? Problem solved, you can bring your CoolerShade with you to the tailgate party and let the fun began. Have you been to the lake with family and friends and someone forgot to bring the shovel to dig a hole in the hard ground? Do not worry, simply place the umbrella into CoolerShade and have instant shade. You can’t enjoy your kids football game or you’re debating on going to your niece/nephews outdoor sporting event because the sun is merciless. As a CoolerShade consumer, that problem is easily resolved. Sit back with your loved ones in the shade with an ice cold juice box (it’s a kid game lol) from your CoolerShade. Enjoy priceless moments of the little ones playing their hearts out, while being envied by other parents that are being tortured by the raging sun. No need to look for a nice tree for shade  while camping. With CoolerShade as your cooler of choice, you only need to look for the perfect view for your tent.
   Our mission at Envy Ship is to provide to our customers a high-quality umbrella cooler that will provide shade in all outdoor actives. At Envy Ship, we believe life is meant to have exciting adventures filled with laughter and love with your family and friends outdoors. Worry not about the sun, we will provide the reprieve and relaxation shade with CoolerShade. Our cooler will keep your drinks colder longer than our competitors cause our coolers is never in the sun.
  The business model of the company will be based upon e-commerce  B2C,  with a two year plan  to B2B as well. Envy Ship recognizes its social responsibility  and policies that will reduce different issues that pertain to the cooler and beach umbrella industry. Our primary goal is to target the market of the USA due to the cooler and beach umbrella market is very attractive to invest in with high revenue expectations. The Global Ice Chest and Coolers market was valued at USD 1,1051.5  million in 2018 and is projected to attain a value of USD 2,137.2 million by the end of the  forecast frame in 2026, registering a CAGR of 9.2%. Our marketing  strategy will be based on marketing segmentation and  market development.

Primary objectives
Creating a reputable brand that instills quality, knowledge, and the highest degree of customer service
 .  Expand our current products and operations by consistently adding new products and markets for our customers so that Envy Ship becomes a national brand in the coolers and beach
    umbrellas industry.
 . Achieve customer satisfaction through quality ,efficiency, safe and timely delivery of the products.

Marketing objectives
Increase repeat customers by 15 % per year.
  . Decrease customer acquisition cost by 5% per year.
  . Increase brand equity evidenced by unsolicited product requests

Key to Success
Quality and  Innovative Products.
  . Universal  Products that can be use for any beach and outdoor activity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                . Develop and maintain long-lasting ,strategic relationship with our customers with our customers and other key industry stakeholders to bring credibility to the brand empower
    onboarding new  customers.
  . Provide the highest value to our buyers by providing quality products at prices competitive within the market.
  . Simple CoolerShade
  .  Art and Graphics CoolerShade

Beach Umbrella
  . Simple Umbrellas
  . Words of Affirmations  Printed Umbrellas

Future Products
Beach Towels
  . Beach Toys
  . Beach Blankets
  . Beach Bags
  . Snorkels

Business Outline
The company mainly consists of three departments to run the operation in an order and they are:
  1) Product  Management
  2) Sales and Marketing
  3) Administrative   

 Market Analysis
 The global camping  cooler market sizes was valued at USD 621.8 million in 2017 and expected to register a CAGR of 6.4% from 2018 to 2025.  The growing popularity of outdoor recreational activities such as off-roading and hiking among travelers is a leading  factor  driving  the market . Camping cooler is increasingly strengthening its growth as people are progressively incline  towards spending more time in outdoor places. The thriving growth of the outdoor industry ,leading to increasing expenditure made on various outdoors kits, including camping coolers, is anticipated to play a crucial role in driving the market growth . For instance , according  to the Bureau of Economic and Analysis data, in 2019 the United States outdoor economy is evaluated to make a contribution of 2.1 % to is current -dollar gross domestic which  is $ 459.8 billion  .Additionally , the growing popularity of family gatherings in various places such as lakes ,rivers, resorts , and others , resulting in the consumption of camping coolers. According to the data issued by Condorferries.Co.Uk  on
'Camping Statistics 2020' In 2018 , in the US ,families deciding to camp has risen by 4 million , which as reached about 78.8 million.

North America Beach Umbrella Market : Introduction
Transparency Market Research  delivers key insight into the North America beach umbrella market . In term of revenue, beach umbrella market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 
~ 5%  during the forecast period ,owing to numerous factors. People in the U.S.  have always been extremely fond of the beach to relax  and rejuvenate .It has been observed that 72%
of people in the U.S. prefer beach vacation to others since beach vacation help them enjoy quality time with their family at the least expense . People visiting a beach like to spend the whole day at the beach. Thus ,they carry beach umbrellas with them. The beach umbrella market is expected  to witness a surge in the demand during the forecast period due  to the 
abovementioned factors

The full business plan will be available upon request. 

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