Cool4heads help humans be more productive, more alert, and safer at work or play.

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"Cool4Heads" is a gel based, non-toxic cooling device that can go into any hat, cap, helmet, hardhat, headband, skullcap or any other headgear in order to keep the head (brain) cool so that people don’t get light headed and lethargic when the head gets overheated.  Cooling the head helps people to be safer, more alert, more productive, more efficient and less prone to concussions by keeping the brain cool – baed on over 150 medical studies.  Our primary target markets are the sports industry (“Cool4Heads” for all sports), healthcare (“FeveReliever” and “CoolFronts” Sleep Aid), military (“Cool4Heads”- Defend) and construction industries (“Cool4Heads”Work). Patents and trademarks are pending with the USPTO.

"Cool4Heads" are designed for sports, recreation and casual use.  The market potential is immense with over 1 billion cyclists, 1.2 billion tennis players and 240 million soccer players worldwide.  Participants in all 150+ of the most popular sports could benefit from the line.  Moms will do most anything to protect her children, which creates another huge potential market for kids sports and recreation. 

Recent scientific studies show that cooling the head when a person goes to bed at night will stop racing thoughts that prevent them from falling asleep.  Our "CoolFronts" Sleep
Aids line of headbands  can benefit the 50% of the population that has trouble falling asleep.

Our "FeveReliever" headbands can benefit the 100% of the population who get fevers from time to time.

Once we get up and running we plan to license the line to an organization capable of marketing worldwide in all of the target industries - or set up separate licensing agreements in each of the target industries.  Until then we will manufacture the products and set up retail customers in each of the target industries: including retail organizations such as  Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon, HSN for the sports line,  In healthcare we will market with  companies such as Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, HSN as well as clinics and hospitals.  With all of the target industries we will look at  sales organzations that specialize in each of the target industries of defense, healthcare, construction and sports.

I have co-written  a white paper entitled  "Cool Heads Prevent Concussions" where we show how "cooling" the head before, during and after strenuous activities such as football or soccer can prevent the brain from swelling and thus help prevent concussions.

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