Confetti Chicago

Raising $100K to open an event/community center.

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Confetti Chicago is a full service event planning company that I would like to expand into an event/ community center. The vision for this business is to provide a service built under the principles of service and love. As a mother and educator, I find it my responsibility to utilize my gifts to turn back and aid my community. I knew at 20  years of age when I set out to host elaborate birthday parties for my daughter, in order to rid myself of the shame I felt for having a child so young, that I had found my passion. I also found as an educator that my passions lie more deeply in solving the inequities and lack of resources. Therefore, I've combined these passions into expanding Confetti Chicago into an event/community center. While weekends will be dedicated to celebrating life's achievements, week days will dedicated to hosting a tutoring/mentoring program for local youth on Chicago's south side, health and wellness classes to teach healthy coping mechanism, and networking events to bring small black owned business together. Outside of these initiatives, I plan to establish an extension of Confetti Chicago entitled Confetti Cares where 20% of our profits will go toward college scholarships for African American males, sponsoring one deserving child for an elaborate birthday party, sponsoring a family  for Christmas, and sponsoring and mentoring as many teen/young mothers through high school and/or college. All funding received will go toward renovating a commercial property, purchasing software, and purchasing all necessary inventory.

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