Raising 1 Mil to purchase additional equipment and continue company growth.

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We have developed a unique way to transport and deliver storage containers. We have a patent (US Patent 11,066,257) on our unique system and is approved by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).  We would like $1,000,000 to purchase additional equipment and grow our business. This will allow us to service potential customers and acquire business agreements and contracts.

 Industry Challenges
Every day, companies that operate and compete within the mobile storage container industry struggle
with the following problems:
Inability to Qualify the Potential Client
                  40+/-% of potential residential and commercial sales revenues continue unrealized due to the
                  container industries inability to place containers at clients’ desired locations due to standard
                  delivery vehicle and topographical limitations.
Lengthy Drop and Pickup Times
                 Today’s delivery vehicles perform inefficient loading and unloading processes that burden mobile
                 storage companies with additional operating costs and missed revenues.
Consumer Challenges
Consumers seeking to purchase reliable shipping containers are faced with the following challenges:
Lack of Quality
                 Most online shipping container retailers offer bottom- of-the-barrel products and/or deliver a
                 product that is of substantial less quality than advertised.
Poor Customer Sales and Support
                 Oftentimes when you buy online, you’re not buying from a dedicated container business, but a re-
                 seller who buys containers cheap and flips them at a markup. If you need help or have a problem,
                they often don’t have the storage expertise to be able to assist you — or the drive to really want to.
Delivery Issues
                Another problem with online containers is that they are often delivered by third party companies
               who may not have any experience handling them. We have seen and heard of inexperienced
               delivery teams damaging the container in transport or causing an issue on the consumer’s premise.
Container Placement Problems
               In many instances, even after guaranteeing the container can be placed at the consumer’s desired
               location, many companies cannot facilitate the proper drop off due to delivery vehicle or
               environmental limitations.
Solving the Problems
Our industry expertise, patented delivery vehicles and proposed business model are the innovative
Qualifying and Satisfying the Client
               When loading and unloading containers of any length, our vehicles require considerably less length,
               width and height room requirements to qualify the client and meet their placement expectations.
Lengthy Drop and Pickup Times
               Compared to ordinary delivery options, our vehicles load and unload shipping containers in half to a
               quarter of the time, leading to decreased operating costs and increased revenues.
Container Quality
               Our expansive network and strong industry relationships allow access to better quality containers
               and wholesale pricing which we pass on to our clients.
Customer Sales and Support
               Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise allow for the best in sales and customer support to
               those seeking an on or off-line container transaction. The proposed business model will eventually
               allow consumers to hand pick a container on site for purchase and delivery.

We are interested to meet with you to provide a formal presentation about the success achieved so far and showcase the growth projections estimated for the next 12 months. Please let us know a good time to connect with you.

We can be contacted at [email protected]

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