Commuta Plus Services/ The Children’s Hangout

Raising $1M to start a new concept on services available to working families.

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The concept of my business is a service to fit the needs of busy parents.  Stationary or centralized childcare/babysitting center.  Commuta Plus Services/The Children’s Hangout is an innovative twist for a childcare center. We are a new style out-of-home “babysitting” service. We will offer activities and learning for children of all ages. The center will be split into 2 sections—play and study. The study side will consist of a computer lab, quiet study room, project and material room and a library with educational books from ABC’s to SAT’s. The play side will consist of TV’s set up with different age gaming systems and a TV for children to just relax and watch their favorite shows, lounging area, a play room for younger children, activity room for set activities for everyone to work together, play room for older children and many more as we upgrade and expand. 
 Commuta Plus Services/The Children’s Hangout is a children’s community center, but more with limitless activities that can be done and offered for a low hourly cost. We will also have a kitchen that we will offer nutritional snacks and lunch at no cost or limit. With this center, we're hoping to inspire and motivate children with quotes, allowing children to grow and explore their abilities. We will offer assistance with homework, if needed, and help children enhance their learning abilities to be better with software by assistance from us in our excelling areas. The goal is to bring stability, love, dreams/inspiration and safety to children of working or busy parents/families.
We would like your support or assistance with funding the center, through your knowledge of local or state programs that cater to our type of business.

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