Community redevelopment

Raising capital to grow our multi family portfolio of subsidized housing in Washington DC

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We are a real estate growth company focused on providing affordable housing solutions for low to moderate income households.  

Our business model is to purchase multi family properties in the DC metro and keep our all in costs to under 65 percent of the after repair and stabilized value.   We also must cash flow at over  1.25%  of principal , interest , taxes and insurance payments.  This model allows us to pay back investor funds and increase or monthly cash flows.

We focus on supplying housing to tenants that participate in subsidized housing as well as the VA.  In other words we collect our rent from the District of Columbia (DC) .

In Washington DC there are 10s of thousands of un used vouchers with little supply to fill this void .  As a matter of fact DC just increased the rental payments by as high as 30 percent in certain communities to encourage more housing for these underserved families.

We believe and have proven that this model is a safe way to do some good in our communities while earning a good return for our work .

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