Raising 75k to finish building a data collection/annotation platform that will have immediate clients and can scale quickly to multi-million dollars business.

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Collanno is a platform for data collection and data annotation. It serve all companies that need human vetted training data for their AI models. The platform is connecting company with dat crowdsource in variety of domains, languages, accents, genders …. It’s also include the annotation and collection functionality so you can perform all data operation in one place. 

This industry is booming currently. I work as a chief of data science for on of the companies that relevant to the data services.

I have a team of 4 developer and 1 content marketer and would like some help to keep this going. I am planning to lunch around December if I find the seed funding of 75k to finish the development and run user acquiring  campaign.

Let me know if you have any more questions. 

Sam Shamsan
[email protected]

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Collanno is no longer seeking funding.