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Problem Statement:

The current documentation for a software codebase/product currently is done in an external system by either manual documentation in a wiki like page or using screen captures/recordings or a combination of the same. This makes a person who is not familiar with the codebase/product go over descriptions about code in an environment separate to where they are used to coding that is their IDE. This causes a lack of engagement, more time for getting to know the codebase/feature and more support from fellow teammates to facilitate the onboarding process. 


The above problem can be solved by utilizing an IDE based extension/plugin that would allow existing team members to create documentation that is either a static markdown file with embedded code references that would navigate the reader to relevant sections of the code in terms of actual reference within the IDE or an interactive guide [Similar to Product onboarding]. The plugin can then allow the team to manage the documentation in the cloud or in their repository depending on preference with specific access control defined for their team in terms of who can create content, access the content and who needs to complete a set of predefined reading/guides before beginning work

Value Proposition:

The above solution aims to improve the following aspects:
  • More engaging documentation for the code-base for both the author of the content and the consumer of the content
  • Information regarding the code is available within the developer’s IDE without having to move back and forth
  • Onboarding is faster, smoother and more engaging for new members and existing members of the team can spend less time hand-holding and more time coding.
  • Feature / High level documentation is more relevant and constantly being updated as the code changes since devs can clearly see which part of the code has contextual documentation attached to it
  • 36.5% developers said in a Stackoverflow survey that Being tasked with non-developmental work is greatest challenges to Productivity

Go To Market Strategy:

  • Stackoverflow surveys from the last couple of years tell us the following:
    • Company size 80% of dev workforce works in companies with more than 20 employees
    • 77% of Devs research new tools by starting a free trial and 70% ask devs who they know or work with
    • 32.4% of devs last changed their jobs less than a year ago, 26.8% between 1-2 years
  • From the above it is clear that our pricing strategy should be exactly like Confluence
    • Free for small teams [5 devs]
    • 7$/month/dev for medium teams [5-25]
    • 10$/month/dev for enterprise [multiple teams]

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