Centauri Aircraft Co.

We need a10 million dollar investment partner to establish larger facility to build and sell a newly developed aircraft.

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We have a new 4 person air-craft, the Centauri Valkyrie, to bring to market. We have two nearly completed and a third will be done by March and we need funds to complete testing and finish details.  I was hoping that we would be on the market with the Valkyrie before I/we would be in the position of having to raise funds.  However as close as we are, and we are close, it appears that it has to be done.  

The Valkyrie has about 70 flights on it now and the project is going well.  Fighter jet test pilots regularly fly the plane and are fine tuning her.  The second plane is ready to fly (or flying now) and the third will be completed in 3 to 4 months.  We have 4 plane structures currently waiting for assembly.  And, a full staff is currently on board to build, assemble, test and maintain the planes.  The company is hitting it's stride, but if the planes are to be completed properly and fine-tuned properly, they won't be ready for sale until late this year.

In a short summary, we are trying to raise about 10 million dollars investment to consolidate and expand the production facility.  Two completed planes and another nearly completed, with the parts stock and with the new bodies ready to be assembled there is justification for that request.   With the physical assets, nearly sellable anircraft and bank accounts, the company has very little  no debt.

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