Cloudy Acres

Marijuana Cultivation with license in hand, ready to work!

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We are on the final stretch of opening our own Cultivation.  We own 120 Acres in Saguache Colorado.   We have already been approved by the state and the county for our license.  Originally the plan was to put up a large home and make things fancy.  When Covid Hit we had to change our plans a bit.  I am looking for a loan to $300,000 to put up  two year round greenhouses, and a Fairly decent size shed for me and my dogs to live in.  I wouldn’t be working this project, I would be loving this project 24x7.  The shed is temporary and a way to keep me motivated to get this loan paid off so that I can build a forever type home. I am actually looking forward to the winter months this year.  This is my dream to own my own business and hopefully it matures into a business that  can be an asset to the community and assist where able.  I am very much comfortable with the sacrifices made to get the business started.   All of my building resources are local and attainable at this time so our time to start up would be minimal. This translates out to being able to get 2 harvests this year and a good way into complete repayment.  As I stated.. I won’t move into a larger home till this loan is paid off.  I believe enough in my team and our business plan with a quick repayment plan I am willing to bet enough on it, to move into the mountains of Colorado and live in a shed with a loft for a bed until repayment.  

Cultivation operations wise we will be dedicating quantity 2 30x145 ft  solar powered greenhouses to the first 1800 plants on our license. Each green house will be evenly heated through out so that there are no cold patches or uneven growth.  We are looking to get 3 to 4 harvests per year.  By getting started in July we would be set up for a first cultivation harvest in 2021, and a first harvest for 2022 in  January making a 4 harvest year very easily possible.  So you can see we where we have possibly financially “set up our batting order” to come up with a nice inning in 2022.  As of this point, we have no other loans tied to the business.  The land was no cost to us as a business since we had 40 acres to spare.  We paid for all lawyer fees, licensure fees with the state and the county out of pocket.   So our business obligations are to this investor and our monthly water, propane and diesel bills.  Allowing our business to focus on an as aggressive as a repayment process as financially possible. 

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