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Growing SaaS Business Solution - Need raise $750,000 and $1,000,000 for Capital in US and opening location in UK and EU

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SAP reseller for small to medium businesses that have outgrown Quickbooks 

SAP IP Solutions Packages Developed: 8 - 12 week implementation of SAP - 5 year contracts on SAP Business One as a SaaS
Cannabis Grower Rapid Deployment Solution
Wholesale Rapid Deployment Solution
Retail Rapid Deployment Solution
Manufacturing Rapid Deployment Solution
Professional Services Rapid Deployment Solution

Margins - SAP Software - minimum 30%
CFS Service Implementation and Training - 55-65% margins
Application Managed Services (Post Go-Live support) - 65-75% margins

CloudFirst Solutions is a market leader in SAP Cloud enterprise application solutions, rapid deployment solutions and cloud analytics. Our dedicated team works in partnership with small to mid-sized companies in all industries to offer an entire portfolio of cloud solutions for your entire organization.

We have created IP based on industry templates to implement SAP business software in rapid fashion for small and medium size companies that want to grow out of Quickbooks or off an on-premise ERP to SAP Cloud. 

We are SAP North America Partner of the Year - closing 9 Net new clients last year in 3/4 of a year,  we have closed 5 in 2021 with pipeline of $3.5m for next two quarters.  We are selling SAP software on our contract - full top-line revenue - plus fixed fee implementation services in 8 to 12 week sprints plus Application Managed Services.  Goal is to grow YOY software to $10m in next 5 years and position to sell to large integrator (PWC, IBM, NTT Data, Accenture) in 2025 or keep growing and sell in 2028.

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SAP Business One Cloud
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Cloud Analytics

Resell above with 30% guaranteed profit - 5 year contracts with client

2020 - started Practice - closed $196,000.00 in 5 year contracts  - SAP North America Business One Partner of year 

2021 - $375,000.00 - closed $100,000 of that in 5 clients so far with largest two quarter coming up Q3 and Q4 - $3.5m in pipeline in software and services

Largest Reseller of SAP Business One Hosted Globally and SAP is asking us to expand to UK and EU

SAP Supplies  Lead - 20-30 leads a month in the US 

Cash is for - additional people
4 - Consultants
2  - New Sales People
1 - Managing Director in UK/EU
Operating cost in UK 
Operating cost in EU

Leadership Team has 60 years of SAP sales and delivery experience

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