CleanSite Medical, Inc.

CleanSite: using best-in-class proprietary medical devices to reduce blood stream infection risk and enhance patient safety

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CleanSite Medical, Inc. ( is an early stage medical device company focused on preventing costly, often deadly healthcare-associated blood stream infections.  We're developing a suite of proprietary, best-in-class, single-use, disposable devices that will reduce blood stream infection risk and enhance clinician compliance with infection prevention protocols, leading to better patient outcomes.  Our lead product, ACTIV Cap(TM), integrates "active" scrubbing with passive disinfection.  We also have several other complementary, proprietary vascular access infection products in our pipeline that are at an earlier stage of development, including a software tool for deployment as an app that sits on top of EMRs in order to better track the use of appropriate infection prevention tools and protocols at patients' bedsides.  We're currently manufacturing ACTIV Cap units to conduct 510(k) and biocompatibility testing, and we're also in the process of raising a $750,000 convertible note round to support initial inventory procurement and business development activities.  We would welcome making our formal corporate presentation to you at your earliest opportunity.  Please request a meeting by responding to our CEO through this platform.

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