We build software that makes it easy to create, manage, and incentive the community around your organization.

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We build governance and treasury management infrastructure for DAOs, a new organizational structure rapidly growing in popularity. 

Our smart contracts govern >$10M and we have 81 clients  (>200,000 members within these organizations) using our infrastructure to manage their operations. 

We just launched our token and are selling it at a discount to strategic partners to achieve high ROI development goals, go to and have a presence at high ROI events, and get listed on exchanges/hire market makers.

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  • Logan Panchot:
    • Logan is a recent graduate of Stanford University and a believer in the potential of DAOs. At Clarity, Logan is responsible for business operations, community growth, and client adoption.
  • Justin Schreiner:
    • Justin has a background in Computer Science and is a Plutus Pioneer. At Clarity, Justin is responsible for business operations, talking with users, and implementing improvements to the platform
  • Matt Laux
    • Matt is an engineering graduate from Texas A&M with experience in full-stack development. At Clarity, Matt is responsible for creating a scalable and secure Governance application for the Clarity community.
  • Tomasz Maciosowski
    • Tomasz is a software developer primarily interested in Haskell and functional programming. Currently Tomasz focuses on blockchain solutions for permissionless and decentralized future.
  • Mikhail Lazarev
    • Mikhail is a former web2 OOP developer who has moved into a functional world with a focus on web 3 technologies. He was a member of the Cardano Community Support Initiative, contributing to infrastructure projects such as Plutip, Bot Plutus Interface and Cardano documentation, and a developer/manager of several Catalyst projects.
  • Chris Borders
    • Chris is a lawyer and advisor to blockchain projects. He has over 30 years of experience practicing law. His experience in the blockchain industry began in 2015 when he joined what would become Chainlink. He remained at Chainlink until 2018, eventually serving as their interim General Counsel. Currently, Chris spends most of his time in the Cardano ecosystem, advising other projects including Liqwid, Indigo, and SundaeSwap.
  • Shannon Wu
    • Shannon is an investor and entrepreneur in the blockchain space. She loves working with and investing in transformative technologies in Defi, Big Data, Blockchain, Automation and AI. She was an early team member of MakerDAO and part of the founding team for Bloom Protocol. For Clarity, Shannon advises on go to market strategy, fundraising, and strategic decision making.
  • Mark Florrison
    • Mark is an enterpreneur and computer scientist. Mark dropped out of his PhD at Cambridge to form a series of startups until eventually founding MLabs, a Cardano and blockchain consulting company, which now has over 135 employees in over 30 countries. Mark has a background in compilers and is a Haskell enthusiast.

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