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Mature Product, recent marketing, operation, and sales team

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  1. CionSystems Business
    • Offers a complete comprehensive suite for managing and maintaining the cybersecurity core (Active Directory (AD)) of every cybersecurity infrastructure for both on-premise and in the Cloud.
    • Fills critical security gaps in Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and other non-Microsoft LDAP/Directory, OpenLDAP, Linux, Google, Salesforce, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Clouds, and Software as a Service (Saas)
  2. Market Size and Growth
    • Globally, over 90% of businesses run Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
    • In 2019, the global spend in the cloud security market was over $300B, and is expected to grow year-to-year by 8.5% CAGR
    • Key element of ensuring security is an effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, which is a $100B market today, forecasted to grow year-to-year by 12%
  3. Market problems solved by CionSystems' products
    •  AD mismanagement exposed 90% of Businesses to Breaches
    • Cyber Attach targets 90 million AD accounts DAILY
    • Penetration testers breach AD nearly 100% of the Time
    • 74% of all Breaches involved access to a Privileged Account
  4. CionSystems Monetizes this opportunity by
    • 70% profit margin
    • The most cost-efficient solution in the market
  5. CionSystems accomplishments
    • Enterprise Identity Management IEIM) innovator solving the biggest post-Covid-19 CyberSecurity problems
    • A complete comprehensive suite for managing and maintaining the cybersecurity core (Active Directory) of every cybersecurity infrastructure
    • Solutions that simplify complex tasks and do not require the abandonment of existing architecture and investment
    • Easily and rapidly deployed - out of the box solution, NO CODE or SCRIPTs required
    • Mature proven global solutions with over One Million seats licensed in all major verticals
    • Recently expended management team with marketing and business expertise
    • Recent Marketing Accomplishments
      • Nearly completed a redesign of our website
      • Consolidated ~15 products into 3
      • Generated professional set of marketing and sales materials

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