Christian Iles Hair Care

Seeking $200K loan for working capital with 2 year loan repayment at 3.5% / Minimal liabilities / $300K of existing high end luxury products ready to sale

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                                                                                                                 Christian Iles Hair Care Impact Statement

Over the past several years, Christian Iles has worked with an expert group of scientists and chemists to develop a luxury beauty brand in the hair care space. Never before seen packaging and expertly formulated, the Christian Iles luxurious hair care line is comprised of proprietary formulations and a unique delivery system. Currently three (3) of the hair care skus are fully formulated, tested and available. Additional skus have also been formulated and are ready to go. The hair care line is ending its first year in business. Unfortunately, six months into our year, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Stores and beauty sales platforms in the US were hard hit as they had to close down. 

Christian Iles Hair Care is ready to change gears and would like to recommend a few clear pathways to success. At this time formulations, warehousing, fulfillment strategies, marketing and sales plans are all in place. Currently, we are hiring a digital group to provide consulting, and oversight for the business; helping to execute successful strategies that provide a stronger growth trajectory. Half of the existing inventory will be sent to Amazon and be sold on the Amazon Prime sales platform. The digital group will work with our team to sell the remainder of the inventory through the product website, seo searches, and beauty platform. They are confident that the competitive nature of the Christian Iles brand will achieve superior results, not only in the brand's ability to make an impact in the existing beauty market, but also to achieve strong sales. We have, working with our financial analyst, created cost analysis and sales projections, which are attached herein. They feel confident they will sell all existing inventory (4800 Shampoos / 4800 Conditioners / 4800 Serum) through Amazon Prime and the website within a six-month period; creating a $300K to $400K in profit. 

We are writing to you to make a proposal regarding the future of the Christian Iles company and are seeking a $200K loan or equity investment. My seed investor, Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk will contribute $200K if equity investment is made.  We will work on a 2 year loan term agreement at 3.5% to 4% interest. All money from the loan will be used to market the existing products from the hair care line, which will include an extensive support plan via a number of sales and marketing platforms. Our national digital and marketing agency is already in place with an established track record within the beauty industry, boasting a number of success stories in retail sales as well as brand acquisitions. The loan will further be utilized to develop four new products that will be primarily created and marketed on all beauty sales platforms. New biodegradable packaging will be created. As sales increase, we have a plan in place that includes expanding the existing hair care line, while moving immediately to grow the hair care line with the development of more products and expanding sales to distribution centers throughout Asia. Upon the markets opening back up in the U.S., Europe, and Mideast, we will direct dollars for research, develop, and the manufacturing of products for those World markets. 

It is worthwhile to note that the global hair care market amounted to 83.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is expected to grow to 102 billion dollars by 2024.The Christian Iles luxury hair care line is positioned at the top of the beauty chain. It is a high-priced item based on the integrity of the ingredients, the presentation and packaging and the product line's overall performance results. With the feeding frenzy currently in place and the thirst for indie brand acquisition, we continue to see huge financial acquisitions in the beauty arena. The 52 acquisitions in the beauty and personal care industry last year were the most in a decade, and some of the hottest targets were private brands according to investment bank Financo LLC. The dominance of blue-chip brands has taken a dive in recent years due to this increased competition from indie startups, so it is a particularly exciting and fruitful time for investors. * We greatly appreciate your time and courtesy in reviewing the Christian Iles Hair Care proposal, spreadsheets, market analysis, and business plan upon request

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