Christall Technologies

V-Shield; A safe, effective and affordable alternative to current COVID-19 mRNA based vaccines.

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Christall Technologies develops flavonoid based antiviral therapies against influenza and coronaviruses. Our current V-shield product has demonstrated invitro prophylactic effectiveness against the novel coronavirus and is currently undergoing tests in the UK.  Our unique approach offers rapid scale-up and cost-effective  manufacturing providing world-wide treatment at record speed.  Moreover, our technology is resistant to mutant strains offering the potential for ongoing protection.

Key Attributes:

  • Our $48 pill pack offers 3 months of protection.  At 100M global recipients, gross revenues are $4.8B.
  • The interest for COVID-19 therapies is presently high, and the need is great.
  • Our world class team includes: 
    • Dr. Edwin Harris CEO: Silicon Valley biotech Vet who developed pharmaceuticals for IDEC, Accucheck, Matrix Pharm and NASA.
    • Dr. Ladislau Kovari: Expert in antiviral drug development with expertise in HIV and coronaviruses.
    • Dr. Joyce Gong: World expert in organizational management, talent acquisition, and business strategy.
    • Dr. Darrell Gaskin: World expert in health care equity and epidemiology

We are currently finalizing our preclinical studies. Please click below for more information:

Christall Technologies Overview.pdf (application/pdf) 3102K

For interested Investors, Please contact Edwin Harris at:

(248) 519-2400

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