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Fund raising portal where fans invest in entertainment projects and share in the profits.

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OVERVIEW - Chonky is a certified fund raising portal designed for entertainment content creators to raise financing for their projects and share the revenue with their "fanvestors." The platform takes advantage of pending changes to the Reg CF Crowdfunding regulations that permit raises up to US $5M from both accredited and non-accredited investors. Target entertainment sectors include video games, linear film and TV, apps, tabletop games, graphic novels and podcasts. Chonky's business model is to take a 5% fee from the raise and 10% of the backend on the same terms as the fanvestors. The name "Chonky" is a term of endearment for a "fat cat."
INVESTMENT DEMOCRATIZATION - Entertainment financing has historically been an insider game limited to well capitalized studios, publishers and institutional investors. Chonky is designed to tap into large, passionate fan bases that talented creators and compelling IP attract. The company is riding the wave of increasing consumer confidence in frictionless online investment and gaming platforms (stock trading, fantasy sports, P2P lending, etc.)
·       The Chonky site was reviewed and approved as a registered fund raising portal in late 2020
·       Planning 3 raises from different entertainment sectors at launch
·       Soft launching mid-March and switch on investments mid-April 2021

KEY PERSONS - Brad Young, Chonky's founder and chairman is a founder/investor in multiple companies including Flashman Studios (video game IP), (satellite imagery) and Fox in a Box (location-based entertainment.) John Evershed, the company's CEO, is the founder and former CEO of Mondo Media, an animation studio and distributor, where he raised over $40M in venture capital, generated over 5 billion video views on YouTube and produced and licensed multiple TV series to MTV, IFC and Adult Swim. Other key Chonky team members include Sarina Quinlan, a full stack marketing expert with over 15-years of experience in customer acquisition, retention and product development, an IDG alumni and startup mentor. Gabriel Rodiel is an award-winning CFO with extensive financial strategy, modeling, M&A experience, and former CFO for a 550-person multi-national. And, Tim Lewis the company's liaison with the SEC and legal, is a tech industry vet with 20-years of experience. Lewis held director and managerial positions at SAP, Corel Corporation and Seagate.
THE RAISE - Brad Young, the company's founder, has bootstrapped the company with over $250k into the platform to date. The company is seeking $500k in the form of a SAFE that will convert at a 20% discount on a Series A round which is scheduled for Q4 2021. The $500k will be used primarily for marketing the first slate of raises on the platform and provide the runway to a Series A round. A deck and pro forma are available upon request.
For more information Contact John Evershed at [email protected] or +1 415 601 7541.

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