Choice Air Care

Established 2011 Reputable HVAC company, Valued 1.2 M, located in 2 upper middle class Cities, Gross 2-3 M Yr, 700k investment=280 shares $2500 each, 10+ $2250 each

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Well established HVAC company in Frisco TX Valued at 1.2 million in 2018 and because of a divorce and this years covid we are in debt and unable to advertise like normal without the help of investors to pay back debt and start the marketing off for the year of 2021. The company has 1000 shares and for each share at around $2500 a piece I am willing to sell 280 shares as investor ownership. I control the company and will never take it public so if you’re trying to invest build and then sell a company this is not an investment for you. This is a family company I started in 2011, I am 36 and plan on running this company until one of my 3 sons wants to take it over or when I am at the right age possibly sell to an employee or step down taking a smaller % of the net and allowing it o run its self with perimeters.. So this would be a very long term investment and since we average about 1.5 million a year I imagine the investment would be paid back in about 3-4 years max then the investors will enjoy a long term profit and one that will grow as we start to grow through expansion by franchising the company in around 5 years. 

I will put a company evaluation and a look at company costs with the actual net % vs gross, advertising % and OH as well as monthly costs vs the seasonal income as it is a little complicated but dialed in as I have one this my whole life its like second nature from averting to the actual installation and building our customer relations. And if you look us up you will see that we are a reputable company. Just took a big hit with the divorce etc. 

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