Chingding Enterprises, LLC

Raising $50,000 to launch a novel new concept in Marketing and Advertising.

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  The name of our company  is
 It represents the sound of a cash drawer opening, because we believe that will be the results of using our companies. We have developed novel new ways of running 2 common types of business, fundraising and marketing/advertising. This will give us multiple income streams. 
We have named them ChingDingFundraising ( and ChingDingPlay (
  When it comes to fundraising, we came to the same conclusion as everyone else. That we all hate fundraising. So, we created a fundraising concept that basically gets rid of all of
 the aspects of fundraising that we don't like and do not work, but kept the things that do.
 It was not built with Covid in mind, but it is one of the only fundraising sites that meet all Covid safety protocols. Some of our features are: sign up today/raise funds tomorrow.   No long term planning or setup.  No begging for volunteers and is safe for children.  No need to worry about loss of products or theft. We handle all product distribution.  Unlike our competitors, we even offer residual income. 
We are also helping develop other small businesses by finding small mom and pop businesses that have the potential to grow with us. At this time we have  5 that we are using their products on the site. All are in the Central Florida area, so we can keep our prices down and make our fundraisers affordable to all people, while still profitable to organizations.
  We have also created a innovative method of using online sweepstakes. Not for gaming, but for advertising and marketing. This concept gives small businesses on Main Street the same reach as the mega corporations, at a cost they can all afford. It will give all of them the opportunity to reach potentially millions of warm market customers for just the cost of one of their products or services. This concept gives businesses the ability to focus on specific targeted customers unlike the blanket approach that most mass advertising does. We believe that this will give us the opportunity to be part of the marketing budget of just about any company or business in this country that sells a product or service. We understand what those relationships will do,  and what other opportunities and doors they will open, not to mention other income streams.
 We have also developed a way to tie both companies together, using a reward program that will benefit both sites and will add visibility, additional advertising, and reach to both of them.
 We have already launched ChingDingFundraising. Unfortunately, Covid has impacted fundraising capabilities for many organizations. Despite less than ideal circumstances, we are already scheduled for the PTA, FFA, and Charter School conferences for this summer. We are eager and ready!

 In an effort to launch ChingDingPlay, we are looking to raise $50,000. With that money we will purchase a car that we are going to offer through our sweepstakes for free.  We are confident that the concept that we have developed will make us conservatively $500,000 and create an opt-in data base of 10+ million people. This is powered by our “Give a Token \ Get a Token” program that has the ability to accelerate the spread of any product that we want to advertise. Like the ripples created by throwing a pebble in the water.
 We look forward to sharing the numbers and how we got to the $500,000 and the opt-in numbers with you more in detail.  Our ChingDing team is confident that this company will be a million dollar a month company in just a short time. 
My name is Scott Arnett, I am CEO. My background is computer/network/sales, but I like to say that I draw pictures with crayons. I come up with the new ideas and my partners make them a  reality. My COO is Jonathan Dickl, MBA.  Jon brings many years of leadership experience in management, marketing, sales, operations and product development. Our CTO is James Buckland. He brings 30+ years or programming, coding, and development, with a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment and a keen sense for marketing. 

 All of our sites are built and functioning. Our intellectual property is substantial.  We have no debt and we are ready to start raising additional revenue. We know that this small investment amount has the ability to bring in an exponential ROI.  

Give us a few minutes of your time and we will paint you the whole picture. I know you will like the end result.
 Scott Arnett
 President, ChingDing Enterprises
 [email protected]

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