Chimera Revenue Cycle Solutions

Raising $750K-$1M to cover initial operations

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Attorney-leveraged healthcare accounts receivable start-up. Management with proven track record of success to equity event looking for start-up capital to assist in new enterprise.   Executive leadership and Sales executive with a track record of recent success (currently responsible for approx $18M annual revenue for a $22M company) looking to create a new healthcare accounts receivable organization that specializes in high dollar/high value denied revenue areas for major and minor healthcare provider systems.  

Ownership team has a combined 30+ years experience in the healthcare receivables market with high level decision-making  contacts on a national scope.  Multiple systems have already expressed interest in our proposes services, which include the combination of legal, clinical, and technology resources to resolve denied medical claims into revenue through multifaceted approach.  Initial margins expected in the 25% plus range and increasing with scale.   Initial capital to be used for covering initial operating expenses.  

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