Children's Ballet Theatre

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We are a children's performing arts school looking for someone who has passion for the arts and feels strongly that the arts should be a part of children's lives.  Our mission statement states that we offer "Lessons that Last a Lifetime." We believe that every child who walks through our door will learn and grow to be an amazing human being by learning about themselves while having fun studying the arts and performing. We offer lessons in all forms of dance as well as piano, acting  and voice. We even have a fine arts preschool! We do beautiful productions throughout the year in our theater, we are even able to let the students plan, rehearse and perform their own shows (which is an amazing lesson on cooperation, problem solving, and too many other life skills to type in!). Our studio is amazing with 7 classrooms  and  our own 140 seat black box theater.  We are in need of an investor who is excited to invest in us while we  grow our student clientele, put on amazing productions, and offer incredible classes so that we can continue to build children's lives thru the arts.

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Children's Ballet Theatre is no longer seeking funding.