Chaos Billiards Lounge

Raising $25k for our pool hall in Bend, OR. We have Diamond tables secured and support from our two area leagues. Bend is one of the fastest growing cities in US.

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We are opening a pool hall in Bend, OR with Diamond pool tables, restaurant, bar and lottery machines. We have support and commitment from the two pool leagues here (APA and BCA) to host all league nights and tournaments. The pool community in Central Oregon includes over 400 players between the two leagues and we will be the exclusive establishment for hosting both leagues in all of Central Oregon.

Current Status: We have secured our commercial lease space and have begun renovations to prepare for opening in early January. We need additional funding for some of the items needed for our opening, namely dining tables and chairs, some kitchen equipment, TV's and a jukebox. 

We also own a clothing line (Chaos Clothing and Apparel LLC) and will be selling our clothing as well as billiards supplies in our establishment. We have personally invested over $50K into our business (cash,  not from loans) and we are very close to having everything we need in order to open our doors. Your investment in our business would allow us to get the last remaining items needed to open in January. Thank you for considering us for funding! We love pool and are excited to bring top of the line equipment to our Central Oregon pool community!

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Chaos Billiards Lounge is no longer seeking funding.