Channelport Company LLC

Raising $300K to prep owned land for purposes of building homes for sell to the public.

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Channelport Company, LLC is a Residential and Commerical Real Estate Development and Management company that is reentering the market after some 15years of absence. The previous name of the company was Channelport Corporation, operating out of Abingdon MD (for 20+ years).  The company purchased row homes in Baltimore Md, remodeled them and rented and/or sold them, and bought new homes and rented them out to the corporate environment.  The company had to be dissolved due to marital issues amongst the primary investors. 

My wife and I , after much thought, believed that the time was right to reenergize Channelport.  And as such we embarked on seeking out legal counsel to assist us in preparing and filing the necessary documentation.  Channelport Company, LLC was initiated and operating as of August of 2023. We understand that real estate is very passive and that income is not always readily available until established and income is produced through either sale of homes, rental/management of homes/college style condos/commercial property. We have land that has been separated into 3 acre plats and needs to be made ready for build.  This includes tree removal, excavation, culverting, fill dirt, compaction, resurveying and staking, soil testing, inspection, permitting, site-survey and county setback requirements. The houses we are planning to build are homes in the $700 - $900 price range. The Huntsville/Madison County areas of Alabama are experiencing phenomenal growth due to the large Military Development and Management entities that have slowly migrated from Alexandria Virginia, and other places, and supporting contractors (Boeing, Raytheon, Northup Grumman, MDA, General Dynamics, Amazon, Blue Origin, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, LG, and NASA, just to name quite a few) that do business with these military entities.  This boon has created a shortage of high-end homes that folks migrating from the North-East (as we did), Mid-West and the West are accustomed too, and they want land with their home, not the postage stamp lots that they used to have.  And Channelport Company, LLC wants to fill that void, along with building college style condos, renting them and developing and managing commercial property. Cheap looking seems to be the norm here and we'd like to build useful, pleasing to the eye functional places to live and to shop. We live in the northeast area of Madison County and there is a lot of potential for growth. I am a Mechanical engineer by trade, a current Engineering Acquisitions Program Manager with the Army's Program Executive Office Missiles and Space Command in Huntsville, AL, a licensed real estate agent, a certified Interior Design Consultant and soon to be a Licensed Alabama Home builder and General Contractor. We are a minority women-owned small business entity aiming to make an impact in the state of Alabama, and by no means that being a minority owned business means that we lack the competence, innovativeness and business acumen to make Channelport Company a viable company within 4-6 yrs. Thank you for your time.

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