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TECH-SHOTS (The Top Golf for Shooting Sports, Professional Grade Laser Based Shooting Gallery and Pub) with National Ambitions

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WEBSITE: www.tech-shots.com

TECH-SHOTS is founded with an executed territorial agreement from LaserShot Simulations (www.us.lasershot.com) on the premise that everyone should understand how to safely handle firearms. TECH-SHOTS a risk free simulated range environment. First timers can learn safe gun handling and simulate firing before ever setting foot on a real bullet, live fire, range. TECH-SHOTS also provides advanced firearms users with the right system to enhance their skills with immersion and costs unavailable at live fire ranges. Notably, simulators are a key part the professional competitive shooting training regiment. Our simulators are the right systems to train with and they’re what the pros use. The inert/ammoless training weapons provide the fit form and function of a real firearm but cannot  load real bullets. TECH-SHOTS provides the best firearms simulators on the commercial market. TECH-SHOTS delivers a real range session without the cost or risk associated with real bullets.

The problem with shooting sports and training is that to be good at them or get good at them you need to absorb the painful costs of shooting. What if I told you that you could enjoy shooting sports and training without the pain? Say goodbye to cost of ammunition, range fees, gun rentals, paper target costs, additional shooter fees, unhealthy gunsmoke, inherent danger of live ammo, linear range syndrome, non-immersive environment, missing intelligent system feedback, static targets, no judgment training, inability to hunt moving animals, no food and drink, single shooter lanes, arrogant range staff, and boring shooting sessions 

Say hello to Tech-Shots, the dynamic, exciting, and enjoyable way to spend range time! Single cost for range time, no ammunition cost, Dry Fire SIM trainer included, unlimited resetting and active targets, unlimited immersive and dynamic competition shooting scenarios, CQC scenarios, judgmental training scenarios, and all other software titles, up to 4 shooters, no gunsmoke, intelligent tracking system feedback, risk free, no eye or ear protection needed, active hunting scenarios, full meals and refreshments on the range, group shooting.

semi-private range simulators foster high quality training environment for all skill levels. Tech-Shots eliminates issues normally caused or experienced on shared ranges by providing you a personal range that’s safe training for all levels of skill.

Tech-Shots provides a total of six shooting simulators at it’s Elk Grove Sports Center 1900sqft space. Each simulator is like your own personal range. Each of the simulators is equipped with a 9ft screen and can accommodate up to 4 shooters per session. For 3 or more shooters it is recommended that at least two hours is booked to allow for each shooter to have enough time on the range. Anytime, year round it's always range time at Tech-Shots. With the rise in popularity in shooting simulators and dry fire trainers numerous companies are selling low cost systems, but you won’t find anything budget here. Tech-Shots is the best simulated range you’ll find, anywhere with it’s simulators in use by the Department of Defense and countless law enforement agencies across the country.

Come develop your skills in a real and immersive shooting experience, no real bullets, choice of static, interactive or judgemental training to fit your mood. Tech-Shots is the best place to  develop and maintain safe shooting, gun handling muscle memory at your own pace, in a risk free environment. Tech-Shots provides an excellent training and entertainment environment for beginners through advanced shooters.  Why do the best of the best use the same simulators as Tech-Shots? Because they are the best. Come see why the best train at Tech-Shots powered by Lasershot Simulations


Tech-Shots is located in beautiful Elk Grove, California nestled in the Elk Grove SportsCenter, a family favorite throughout the region.

In the heart of California, Elk Grove is nestled between wine country and the waterways of the California Delta.  We're just a short drive from any area throughout greater Sacramento.

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