Investor Needed for Flip/ Fix n' Flip

Seeking 25% investor in as is real estate flipping selling to wholesalers and builders. Get your ROI asap.

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I am getting into the flip/fix n'flip real estate business. I have been in business as a business consultant for several years as well as an accountant. I am trying to flip my first deal. I have a foreclosure. I have a purchase and sale already and 75%. I am looking for someone who is interested in investing in this type of business. My goal is to flip within 30 days every property I find and you will receive your ROI a lot sooner than normal investments. I have a closing date of March 26th. If interested, I will do the heavy lifting, I just need a partner who can put in the extras to seal the deals but never the majority.  I have access to preforeclosure and foreclosure deals as this one is. 

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