Universal center caps for aftermarket custom wheels and OEM wheels

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I sell aftermarket center caps for custom wheels, and also have 3 utility patents pending for universal center caps.  The universal center caps will revolutionize the wheel industry and give customers unlimited choices when it comes center caps for their wheels. Gone are the days when you are only given one choice for your wheels’ center cap. Now you can choose any custom design or designs we will produce. Theta are interchangeable, so you can put some custom center caps on your 4 lug Honda Civic, then swap them out with your 2500 Chevy 8 Lug truck’s caps.  
Currently we sell aftermarket center caps on our website, CenterCapsDirect.com, and also on eBay. Over 85% of sales come from the website, with only 100% organic searches. We also have a booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and have one of the highest ranked seniorities available.  

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