Cayuga Ingredients

Advanced Beverage Clean Tech Raising $3 million to increase facility efficiency, expend production and new product release

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We are an environmental technology company that has developed advanced fermentation technology solutions for food waste sugars. Our products help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Protects land, air, and water from pollution while delivering strong revenue returns. 
Since inception: 
  • Build the first commercial-scale plant in 2020. 
  • Release the first branded product in 2021.
  • Sold in over 300 B2C locations since release. 
  • We are supplying bulk sustainable ingredients to over B2B 40 customers nationwide. 
  • Achieve revenue growth rate of 30% per year with just 25% of production capacity. (2021 $1mm, 2022 $1.3mm, 2023 $1.65 mm)
Our technology is converting dairy manufacturing liquid sugars waste (lactose) into renewable food grade alcohol, protein animal feed and water. In addition, our unique process is able to process other liquid sugar waste produced by apple processing and wine manufacturing. 
Our location is ideally located among the largest manufacturing plants in the USA: Chobani, EJ Gallo, Mott, HP Hood, Kraft etc.
Some of our leading competitive advantages are:
•Most efficient process in the industry 
•Abundance of raw materials
•Raw materials are waste and do not compete with food supply 
•Raw materials are not commodity dependent
•Rapid fermentation process has a very low emissions
•Ability to capture and process large quantities of carbon rich waste  
•Facility has no waste discharge 
•Technology is applicable to a wide type of sugar liquid waste 
•Facility scale will allow to compete in volume against global heavyweights
•Low operating cost is delivering high gross margins 
•Small footprint, modular plant design

We are the largest, most unique independent distillery of its kind in the Americas. Utilizing our advanced fermentation process and waste raw materials we are able to produce our products at a very low cost, passing the significant savings to other businesses as well as direct to consumer.  Our business model is as follows:

•Sell whey-based spirits via proprietary brand and bulk ( :

  • “well” vodka, Cayuga Clear is a low-priced, high-quality, sustainably produced alternative to corn-based competitors.
  • the premium brand, MOO – on and off premise with wider margins for all distribution levels.

•Private label and bulk - sell whey-based beverages that are smoother, cleaner, and better for the environment at a very competitive price.
•Sell bulk spirits ingredient to other beverage producers to promote products that are made from food manufacturing upcycled materials.
•Sell bulk alcohol as ingredients to numerous applications in automotive, cosmetics, cannabis and home cleaning goods.
•Plant is also processing wine, apple and wheat mill industry waste by products into grape, apple and wheat neutral spirits.

Our team is comprised of industry executives with decades of the experience in the field. 

We are seeking:
  • •$3,000,000 for a 10% equity interest  
    • With a 60% Preferred return in first two years 
    • Seat on the board 
    • Projected ROI 134% by 2028
    • IRR of 56% through 2026
    • Planned liquidity after 4 years 
    • Multiple exits strategy 
Please reach out to Eduard Zaydman at [email protected] 

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