Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition

$1 million for debt financing, working capital, and expansion capital

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We have doubled the size of our business in the last two years from $1.75m to $3.5m (even with COVID challenges this year) - however, our cash flow is significantly constrained and we have taken on some MCA debt that is hurting us badly.

We have significant opportunities to continue our high growth rate - including acquisitions, new office openings, new service additions, etc. - but we need a financing partner who can grow with us as we get through those opportunities.

We are looking for:
- $1 million ASAP to pay off $300k of MCA debt (which will save us approx $90k per month depending on new loan terms), $250k of working capital, and the remainder for near term growth opportunities that can add an incremental $2.5 million of revenue to our business
- Next year, we would like to begin acquiring other businesses in our industry / region. We have had conversations with interested sellers already - but don't have the firepower yet to get the job done

Open to a wide variety of options - Line of Credit, Term Loan, etc. and above market interest rates

Management Team:
Former consultant / M&A Advisor to the construction / building products industry

Former head of sales for largest competitor in Florida

Former Superintendent at largest demolition company in the U.S.

Controller / Head of HR with MBA and experience at multiple rapidly growing companies

Return On Investment:
Two options:

Term loan
5 years @ 15%
Monthly payments of principal and interest

Line of Credit
Monthly fee for unused balance
Prime + 8.0% on any drawn balance
5 year period - either repaid at end of five years or converted into term loan

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