Castler Corp

Scalable Construction-Tech start-up set to capture $2Billion revenue on launch. Super seed into series A. Raising $20mil.

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Ground-breaking e-commerce marketplace, platform, and network. The future of shopping using 3D and AR technology integrated modeling and pricing.
Giving customers the ability to shop for goods and services they have never been able to shop before. Seamless integration of various technological capabilities layered into one user friendly incredibly powerful tool.

CASTLER has agreements already in place to capture 2% of the East Coast market ($2 billion) upon launch. $90million gross. Adding new vendors weekly. Amount of capital raised directly translates into amount of market share / scalability. 
Seeking $20 million total. $18 left to raise. 15-25 tolerable threshold. 

A first of its kind interactive construction and remodeling marketplace platform for every home owner, home buyer, realtor. 
We are putting an end to the toxic 'estimates required for pricing' business model. No more being 'ripped off.'
The end of estimates. The end of consumers dealing with the revolving door of 'in-home salesmen' and high-pressure 1-pitch close sales tactics.
Highly disruptive, yet the main disruption is the bringing of order to an otherwise 'wild-west' market.

This is only the beginning. We are not limited to construction and remodeling alone. Adaptive business plans stretching to 2100. Expansion into specific real estate development, manufacturing, energy, saas, tackling the final frontier of digitizing paper records, big data, smart home management platform. We had the vision and we will change how the world interacts with itself.

We apologize for any perceived vagueness  or coyness. Our team is anything but.
This is a sensitive first to market situation.
Remodeling, CASTLER phase 1, is currently a $350 billion market in the US alone, and as inconceivable as it may be, there are currently no other actors operating where CASTLER is.
It took Amazon 20 years to capture 40% of the US e-commerce market. CASTLER will capture 20% of the US home remodeling market by 2030.

Please contact for further discussion. Moving quickly. 

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