Tactical Engravement

Custom laser engraved firearms accessories and other merchandise

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US Army Veteran raising money for start up, low overhead with huge potential. I am starting a business custom engraving firearms parts and accessories and then selling them on various websites as well as stocking them at local gun stores. I currently work at a major company in e-commerce firearms retail. I have a passion for firearms, I worked closely with them in the Army, I have a career certificate in gunsmithing, and I am a certified Glock armorer. I know the market, the industry, and the customers and have know doubt that this business will be successful with the knowledge and connections I already have in the industry. I’ve spoken to another Veteran who started his own business doing something similar and he has made over $1million off just one engraver. Aside from firearms parts and accessories there are plenty of other items  people are willing to pay to have personalized with engraving. I need to raise the money for a professional fiber laser engraver and blank inventory to be engraved.

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