Invention ideea for automatic carwash industry to replace drying process curently using 1Mw/day (12 hous shift 800 cars would be average carwash) to 100kw/day.

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Hy there, I'm Alexandru Suteu, graduated "Automatization of chemical processes" at UBB (2005-2009) in Romania, moved to USA 1 year after and started from scratch. Been involved from day 1 in carwash industry by mistake but a field i got to love and enjoy working. I've been thru all stages attendant, operation manager, technical manager, service technician, lead tech, service department manager and last 4 years ran my own company Carwash Restoration Services in South California.

Carwash industry drying system is using an old concept and currently there are no alternatives.  Current system use heavy motors 15 hp usually for top of cars and some side systems and a small percentage uses 10 hp motors. Depending on site power access, sometimes limited, sites have from 3 blowers up to 25 blowers, with an estimated average of 9-12 blowers for a fairly dry car. That system can be replaced by a new design that has multiple advantages:
- Power ussage - from 1 MW/day/carwash to 100 kw/day/carwash
- cost of materials - 20% of current cost
- plug and play design (any local electrician can be hired for installation) - current equipment requires specialized company for installation
- less quiet - huge problem for carwashes in urban areas, where because of noise of current design operation hours are limited, and or require additional equipment like silencers and nozzles, but drasticly reduce performance (=waste of power usage).

Current system is pushing air from about 5-6 ft away from the surface of a car, causing a huge waste of energy in the process. With new technology is possible to do same process in an economical way.
Technical chalenges:
- I have the full design and ideea on how the final product will function. Because I'm using "the wrong parts, from the wrong industry, in the wrong way" the device needs to be refined. But no worry on this beacuase the current specs are already proving the concepts, but there is extraodinary room for improvemnt for a final project. 
- I have wide connections in carwash industry and i already know how to promote the final product, there is big amount of oportunity, if anyone will need to buy a product in carwash industry as soon as it's out. 
- I need an investor openminded with connections and knows what and how to access grants, has experience in research and manufacturing stages. I have wide knowledge in technology and science industry.
-  After an NDA is signed I am more than happy to present specifics, drawings, specs, research and development plan, tech expertise, federal grants project qualifies for, business plan, etc.

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