Carehub Coworking LLC

Carehub® Medical Office Coworking Seeking Funds To Expand Operations In TX & PA

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Healthcare providers spend $200B a year on medical office space that is expensive, is located far away from their patients, and is obsolete for today’s collaborative value-based healthcare industry.

Carehub® offers healthcare providers a network of affordable, modular medical office spaces that are accessible to patients and infused with the cloud based Carehub App and other technology that helps providers thrive in today’s value-based healthcare industry.

Why Now?
The convergence of patients’ demand for neighborhood outpatient clinics, staff shortages caused by COVID, shared risk payment models, and rapidly increasing bricks n’ sticks construction costs have made this an ideal time roll-out Carehub® Coworking nationally.

Carehub's three co-founders have 73 years of combined healthcare IT and healthcare RE experience.  These co-founders include the founder and current CEO of a national, top-20 U.S. healthcare RE owner/developer, former President and CEO of a SAAS solutions and market strategies company (with successful exit), and an entrepreneur and inventor with 26 years of leasing, marketing, and constructing medical office solutions across the U.S. in partnership with physicians.

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