Raising $3.5 Mil to open a career training school

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''Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, train a man for a new career and you feed him for a lifetime''
The purpose of the Career Training Program is to provide training to individuals who are interested in a new career the strategies of this 2-month program are designed to provide our students with the necessary training to help them become employable. 

Career Prep Dental Assistant School is a Legal Corporation, that offers professional career training, Career Prep Dental Assistant School is located within the City of Chicago, IL, too often the county’s unemployment level is pervasive and overwhelming due to unskilled workers. Our target population is low-income individuals, unskilled workers, welfare recipients, unemployed individuals, and high school, graduates.

Most unemployed people are those who have no job skills, are generally the head of the household, and are forced to accept any job they can obtain just to make ends meet, this can lead to a low-paying, dead-end job or a constant job search. Being trained for a new career can put the unemployed in a position to redirect their future. They can be trained for a rewarding career that is in great demand. There are thousands of people who desire a better lifestyle. Our career training program will provide the necessary support to help these individuals succeed. 

Our students will be paired with caring instructors who have over 30 years of experience in the dental field. These instructors will provide exceptional personalized hands-on training to our students. Our hands-on training involvement will be a major component of this proposal, which is a plan of action to partner with a dental clinic. This will give the students real, hands-on experience in addition to training courses designed to meet the students’ needs. By participating in a career training program, the expected outcomes are converting unemployed, unskilled workers into employable, skilled workers. Exportable products will include fliers, brochures, media coverage, our own website, Facebook, Twitter, information blogs,  newsletters with program information, and a YouTube Channel. 

Our management team includes 3 women with 30 years of experience; this includes 5 years in marketing, 25 years in dental assisting, 20 years in teaching dental assistants, and 8 years in company management.  We also have a strategic relationship with government agencies, the American Dental Assistant Association, the Dental Assisting National Board, the ADA Center for Professional Success, and over 30 dental companies.  

Our objective is to deliver an exceptional dental assisting program. We will keep the class size small; Class sizes are limited. . . we only accept 8 students per class. . .this is an especially important component to the student. The student can practice more dental techniques and retain more information. Our concern is that each student leaves the dental program with the knowledge he/she needs to succeed and the ability to become gainfully employed.

Financial Plan 
Our company's financial position is at the seed stage of business. We plan to open Career Prep Dental Assistant School once we receive the necessary funding. Our goal is to enroll 288 students in the Dental Assistant Program within the year, we expect to receive $1,440,000 in profits by the close of the first year. 

Capital Requirement:           
We seek $3,500,000 of financing which will enable us to purchase a building, high-tech dental equipment, instruments, materials, and supplies needed to run the school. It will also enable us to manage and operate the school in a professional manner. This loan will be paid from the cash flow of the business and will be collateralized by assets of the company, and backed by the character experience, and personal guarantees of the owners. We can provide an exit for this loan, within 10 years.

To implement our plans, the line of credit we require will be used for the following purpose.

•             Purchase Building 
•             Building Renovation
•             Marketing Budget
•             Dental Office /Classroom Furniture                                                                                                                                                                                                        
•             Dental Equipment/Supplies                                                                                                                                                                                                  
•             Operating /Administrative Expenses          

The items listed above will enable Career Prep Dental Assistant School the opportunity to operate efficiently and maximize an extensive campaign to promote our program. It will also reinforce Customer support services to handle the increased demands created by the influx of new enrollees. We feel this is necessary for us to reach a positive cash flow position. The initial stage of funding will be used to introduce and market our new program.            

Each investor will receive a principal and interest payment every month. We can provide and exit for this loan within 120 months we will have reached our stated goals and our investors will be able to collect their return on investment. The original loan will be paid down to a balance of zero. Repayment of the loan will begin 3 months after funding.  We are looking for private debt funding for this raise. Please contact [email protected]  or call 702-660-0388 to start a discussion.          

Thank you for considering our business proposal. 

Best Regards
Career Prep Dental Assistant School 
Elizabeth Jones
Operations Manager

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