Cara Kush

In a world where commercial distribution dilutes quality, Cara Kush’s mission and passion is growing craft cannabis filled with integrity.

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Hi! I am in phase 2 with the City of Santa Ana for cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. My company is I need build out funding, rent until the first Harvest in 2022.  I have a great business plan and financials and the company is projected to bring in over 6million gross annually. I have a niche product with deep water culture hydroponics, which has never been presented to the commercial market before.  I already have full distribution within the State of California and a client list of fully licensed dispensaries ready to buy. 
I look forward to hearing from you. Time is of the essence as I am already in a 15 year lease and need to build out now.  Thank you, Cara 

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Cara Kush is no longer seeking funding.