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Our app we'll be monetized in five ways we are a fully advertising app. Down to the logo We have our own nich,We have only one direct competitor.

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To whom it may concern:
Below is our business plan for Car Wash Campus, LLC App development. You will see(read) that we have spent a vast amount of time in research and development. We thank you for your time to review our business plan. Don't say no, let's open the door for negotiation so everyone can prosper. We also have a commercial that is running on our Facebook and social media pages.
Thank You for your consideration!

Executive Summary “Time to feel good about you” is the mission statement of Car Wash Campus, LLC.  We embody our mission through superior service and refined auto wash and detailing. We recognize a $27.8 billion (2020) car wash industry can only to grow to $44 billion by 20281, through consistent customer satisfaction. Linking local, regional and national mobile auto detailers into a central application marketplace creates client easy-of-use and achieves our vision: “To provide excellent client service and immaculate auto detailing – Always.
 Investment Opportunity 
Why should investors want to be a part of Car Wash Campus, LLC. and why is now the time to invest? Investors want a vehicle that delivers a consistent, above-average rate of return on capital invested. Car Wash Campus’ business model, based on risk management and controlled revenue growth, is designed to generate such returns. Our business model is built on returning high return on capital invested (ROCI) and high earnings yield.  A company that can consistently generate above average ROCI is not only a company with a durable competitive edge but, itself, becomes a vehicle in which to re-invest realized profits at a high ROCI.  High earnings are commensurate with high return on capital. However, superior earnings are dependent on an undervalued investment dollar value, which is investor capital. 
The time to invest in this ground-floor opportunity is now for the following reasons: 
  •  A Killer Opportunity: Shrewd investors recognize a winning market opportunity others overlook. Recognizing such investments is not always easy, however, the car wash industry is ripe for Car Wash Campus’ innovative product, perfectly positioned to yield lucrative, ground-floor results.  
  • Car Wash Campus is Scalable Strong returns are built on consistent revenue growth with minimal incremental investment. True scalability is measured by customers repeated willingness to pay full price for a firm’s products and services. The projected 33.3%, three-year 1 Grandview Research. Website: 4 industry growth addresses this question nicely. Car Wash Campus’ business model is prime to prosper from the trend.  
  •  Wheels are in Motion Investors look for traction of a start-up’s product or service as a sign of company feasibility, boosting confidence and funding. Car Wash Campus has invested heavily in programming, coding, and software application trend analysis. Alpha and Beta testing are the next step. Car Wash Campus is not just a one-dimension idea but a three-dimensional investment vehicle.  Economic Climate All investors differ from one another. Some feel investing in a start-up is a prudent investment anytime, yet others make investment decisions based on the economic environment. When a high yield investment opportunity, predicated on excellent service and a scalable product, is in-tune with a growth economy fuel by pent up demand, investors take notice. Car Wash Campus is such an investment.
 Our funding goals, terms, use of funds and milestones are: Funding Goal: $1,200,000 Investor Terms:
 • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 23% 
• 90% equity position 
• 75% quarterly payout of free cash flow to investor(s) 
• Residual balance plus final quarterly payout in year five 
• Annual and quarterly reporting Use of Funds
 • Programming $80,000 
• Coding $150,000
 • App trend development $250,000
 • Selling, General and Administration (SG&A) $250,000
 • Servers (iCloud usage) $170,000 
• Company website development $2,000 
• Marketing and Promotion $100,000 5 
• Infusion of $198,000 working capital Total investment: $1,200,000 Milestones 

The initial investment will: 
• Complete App programming and coding 
• Solidify App trend development 
• Establish and equip a working company office 
• Acquire app hub servers 
• Begin and complete Alpha testing (in-house developer testing and debugging). 
• Complete Beta testing and market analysis.
 • Create an on-going online marketing campaign equipped with quarterly promotions. An outside internet marketing firm will be utilized in a consultant capacity. 
• Position Car Wash Campus’ to launch first quarter 2022. True ground-floor investments with a sustainable revenue growth and minimal initial investment are rare.
 It is the shrewd investor who recognizes Car Wash Campus is a very good investment valued beneath its intrinsic value. 

 Market Opportunity
 The Problems 
The reason Car Was Campus was started was to address the central problems people have with auto cosmetic maintenance – time, convenience, and consistent outstanding service. *Time: We all have busy lives and our time is being allocated differently in this extraordinary medical, educational and employment environment. Time is at a premium and it has becoming increasing harder to schedule all our needs in a given day. The Car Wash Campus saves the client time with an easy-to-use app. 
*Convenience:  Convenience and saving time are inseparable. People demand convenience from the companies they patronize. Car Wash Campus is as close as their phone and its ease-of use platform puts the convenience of vendor selection, products, location, and an expansive range of budget and luxury options at their fingertips. 
*Outstanding Service: People deserve outstanding service. Not just excellent service from the company performing the actual detailing, but also from the app provider supplying the local, regional, or national auto detailers. The constant gathering and analysis of market data, coupled with much sought-after vendor and client feedback are the cornerstones of Car Wash Campus’ commitment to building an excellent vendor/client experience. Providing internal and external outstanding service is the foundation to maintaining long-term trust relationships with our clients and service providers. 
The Solution 
The Trend Car Wash Campus is positioned to take advantage of emerging major car wash industry trends. We are an auto car wash and detailing application (APP)that centralizes local, regional, and national mobile car wash and detailing companies into one digital marketplace. The trends of the industry are the current and future revenue drivers of our app. 
*The car wash and detailing industry has discovered the increasing convenience of mobile apps, online booking efficiency and digit payment platforms. Demand has increased for eliminating the wait-time upon arrival at a wash facility or the arrival of a mobile auto detailer. 
*Car Wash Campus’ service excellence extends to accommodating our cashless society through our virtual wallet offering, accessing a wide array of payment options.
* Automation:
 The industry is increasingly relying on automation to service a growing customer base. Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID) ensure client convenience. Upon the arrival on a mobile detailer or at a chosen pre-booked wash facility, a digital chip on the windshield is scanned, and payment is charged to the client’s credit card.
* Customers now have the option of paying during booking or on-site, eliminating the time of a physical transaction. A mobile detailer can receive payment upon arriving at a client’s work or home without customer contact, if necessary. Customer Tracking The RFID, couple with a CRM (customer retention management system), allows mobile auto wash and detailers, and Car Wash Campus, to identify membership holders and frequency of repeat business. Users of the Car Wash Campus app enjoy the benefits of a streamline client journey (no wait-times, budget and payment options and facility and site selection). Car Wash Campus’ accumulated market data assists in providing customized client services. 

Industry Growth:
The global car wash industry has an expected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2%. The industry boasted a market-size in 2019 of $31.5 billion with a projected grow to $41 billion by the year 2025 – a 30.2% growth rate! This is not the only statistic Car Wash Campus and it’s 2 JBS Industries Research. Website: 3 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Website: 4 Grandview Research. Website:

Investors are perfectly positioned to benefit from; people are owning their vehicles longer and are opting for professional wash and detailing services instead of washing and detailing themselves at home. The IHS Market research in 2002 found car owners were keeping their current vehicles an average of 9.6 years, however, by 2020 that number increased to 11.9 years. Older cars require additional external maintenance and Car Wash Campus is posed to provide on-going auto care at the click of their finger within the app.
Research performed by the International Car Wash Association identified and tracked the decline in home car washings and the preference for professional washing and detailing services. The research showed a strong 54.2% preference in 1994 for home car washings, with a shrinkage to 28.4% by 2014. The demand from professional services, over the same period, grew from 41.6% to 71.6% and in 2019 the professional service preference increased to 77%. 
 Our app meets the challenges customers face and provides the conveniences they demand. Reducing customer friction through automation and technology, delivering consistent customer service with site and product flexibility, budget and payment options, the firm’s positioning will increase investor value. 

Company Synopsis:
Car Wash Campus is limited liability corporation domiciled in Atlanta, Georgia and is best descripted by addressing the following questions: 
What does the company do? The firm is the sole owner and developer of a central marketplace, mobile auto wash and detailing Internet application (app) for commercial and industrial use. 
 IHS Market Research. Website: 
 International Carwash Association. Website: 
 JBS Industries Research. Website: 
 How does the company solve the customer challenges of time, logistics and transaction convenience? The Car Wash Campus mobile app enables the client to easily select a service provider, book an appointment now or for a future date, choose a service location and select a budget-friendly payment. The company reduces time and client friction thus paving the way to securing the auto wash and detailer and service package of their choice.
 What services does Car Wash Campus offer? Car Wash Campus offers mobile phone access to the goods and services of all network auto wash and detailers available locally, regionally, and nationally. 
How will customers use Car Wash Campus’ service? Clients simply download the app on their phone then select their preferred wash and detailing provider, the best date and time, services desired, the most convenient service location (at facility, work or home) and payment option.
 What are the key features? Here are the features of the Car Wash Campus app: 1. Security This is the primary feature users expect and will enjoy. Private information confidentiality is a Car Wash Campus commitment and the cornerstone of the app. 2. Usability The application is high quality, innovative, informative and boasts ease-of-navigation. 3. Push Notifications The app uses simple notification messaging to stay in touch with our user base. This feature fuels engagement and monetizes opportunities by announcing new features, events and promotional offers. 4. Customer Feedback System The feedback system encourages customers to report complaints, bugs and suggestions. This is a two-way feature which promotes an open forum to respond to client comments and announce fixes and improvements. Listening to our clients is always appreciated and the customer feedback system will build long-term trust and company credibility. 

 Data Capture:
 *This feature will capture end-user data such as email addresses, location preference, choice of services, and preferred method of payment. The information will be used to enhance convenience and streamline the customer journey.
* Social Network Integration Social network channel integration simplifies the sign-up process through channel information retrieval. This allows for post sharing of current and upcoming features, events, promotions, and enhanced user engagement. 
*Customization Customized content, system functionality and layout are embedded within the app. The feature can prioritize customer needs and cater to user tastes and preferences.  *Google Maps For those clients who wish to experience in-facility service, Google Maps allows them to select an auto wash and detailer nearest to them and gage driving time. This can also be used to select a detailer closest to a client’s current location, work or home for on-site service. 
* Payment Integration Payment integration is essential for customer convenience and ease-of-use.  
*On-Click Contact Customers are one-click away from contact with the auto detailer and the Car Wash Campus office. The dashboard design is engineered to be operated with one hand for easy thumb access. 
* Advanced Market Analytics This feature is key to understanding user selection and buying behavior. It is useful in identifying trends, developing market strategies, and improving the customer experience. 
The Car Wash Campus app is an intuitive, innovative application designed to fulfill the needs and cater to the convenience requirements of the end user.  

Revenue Model:
Car Wash Campus’ will generate revenue through an affiliate partner (sponsorship) model on a two-sided platform. The app and services are free to the end user and auto wash detailers pay a monthly subscription fee as a member of the service provider network. 
We address the following questions: 
*Why is this revenue model the right fit for our current stage? As a start-up company it’s smart business to go with the proven trend of a market. There are 2.65 million apps for Android, of which, 96.7% are free to the end user. iOS boosts 1.85 million app users and 92.9% are free apps.  As a company on its way to building a substantial customer base and based on market data, having end-users enjoy our app for free is a prudent decision. It is the right fit for other current stage. Generating revenue from auto detailer monthly subscriptions in exchange for access to a large user-base and an opportunity to increase in revenue, is also a wise decision. This model of driving traffic to affiliate partner’s websites (car wash and detailers) is a proven method of revenue growth.
*How does your pricing compare to competitors? Although our services may cost slightly more than our competitor(s), our impeccable customer service pledge will out shine any of our competitor(s).
*Are there additional revenue sources? In-app advertising is an addition revenue generator for Cash Wash Campus. In 2018, the in-app advertising market was $66.78 billion and is expected to mushroom to $472.64 billion by 2027. That equates to a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4%!
 Car Wash Campus will leverage a large user-base and customer-preference market data to generate additional advertiser revenue. The international Institute of Analytics research shows Internet users spend 80% of the time (mobile minutes) on apps and by 2025 will generate over 180 trillion gigabytes 
Business of Apps. Website: 9 Absolute Market Insights. Website: Market-2019-2027-266 12 of data.
Car Wash Campus is positioned to capitalize on this vast amount of data. Our scalable in-app monetization will drive additional revenue. The feature collects pertinent customer data such as, emails, selected detailer, service preferences, location preference, payment method, and makes this data available to affiliate car wash detailers for a monthly fee. 
Data monetization runs separately from in-app advertising and in the background so it does not interfere with the end-users experience. Upon user permission, data monetization will capture 100% of the data.
 If Car Wash Campus haven’t started generating revenue, when and how will the company “flip the switch”?  We are in Level I funding stage and will launch in first quarter 2022. This is strategic timing based on research indicating winter is the highest seasonal demand for car wash and detailing (32%), followed by Spring (25%), Summer (25%) and Fall (18%)12, 13 Our marketing plan, coupled with converting the strong early interest of auto detailers, will “flip the switch” on a successful launch. 
Traction/Company Milestones
 It’s important for investors to see that your business is more than just an idea on a cocktail napkin; it’s an actual, viable business. Traction is a huge part of making that case. Here are some key categories of traction that signal to readers that your company is making moves.
Think Mobile. Website: 
 The International Institute of Analytics. Website: 
Brandon Gaillie, Small Business and Marketing. Website:
InApp-Advertising-Market-2019-2027-266 13 United States Census Bureau. 

Industry Analysis 
*The global car wash and detailing industry is a growth sector as illustrated by the following statistics:  $31.5 billion market-size in 2019  Projected growth by 2025 of $41billion  Annual 2019 to 2025 growth rate of 30.2%  Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% . In the United States, the car wash and detailing sector is 15th among the service industry, ranked by market size. Industry trends we feel will continue are mobile detailing via app which has gathered considerable traction in the last three years and changes in scheduling and payment options. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Chips) scanners, advanced AI and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) all continue to be the norm and increase customer convenience and reduce friction. The increased demand for eco-friendly products is a welcome trend. Research conducted by Trade and Industry Development documented 35% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products and services. 
*Car wash clubs and facility memberships are driving reoccurring revenues for facility operators and app developers. Additional routine maintenance functions, such as oil changes, are becoming added features of premium service packages.
* As technology advances and increased customer demand move the industry forward, competition will continue to increase … however, Car Wash Campus is going to be the competition in an overlooked corner of the industry! 
*Nectarbits, Creative App Devs. Website:  
*Trade and Industry Development Research. Website: 
*Carwash Country Industry Research. Website: 

The Competition:
 There are 16,000 car wash and auto detailers in the United States.17 This figure includes full and multi-location facilities and self-service establishments, as well. There is an on-demand app for almost every company. Car Wash Campus has one company that is a close competitor and only one firm considered a direct competitor. Close Competitor Company: All American Mobile Detailing Where are they based? All American Mobile Detailing is owned by Poseidon's Boat Detailing, LLC and is located in Lake Mary, Florida. The company was established in 2016.18 The firm is a close competitor because of their national service coverage area. It is not an affiliate model like Car Wash Campus, but a single firm with multiple locations nationwide. What stage of growth are they in? Being a five-year old company, they are exiting the survival stage of a start-up firm. How much revenue do they generate? EXTRAPOLATE How many customers do they have? EXTRAPLOATE What are their strengths? All American Mobile Detailing services a wide variety from cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles to RVs and airplanes. Multiple location is also a strength. How do you plan to neutralize them? Car Wash Campus will partner with top auto wash and detailers across the country including Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, 
* Dunn & Bradstreet. Website: 
* Better Business Bureau. Website: 
* Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, where All American Mobile Detailing does not have a footprint. 
What are their weaknesses? Pricing for larger vehicles, boats and planes are in the high range of the market. They are owner operators of brick-and-mortar facilities which means higher operating expenses (maintenance, security, insurance, property taxes) would be a weakness. Car Wash Campus will not incur the cost of physical locations, which are owned and operated by affiliate wash and detailers. 
How is that an advantage Car Wash Campus? The advantage is increased revenue due to lower operating expenses equating to increased net profit margin, net income, and free cash flow to re-numerate our investors. 
What can you learn from your competitors to make your company stronger? The takeaways for All American Mobile Detailing are multiple locations is a revenue driver, however, the model can be done without the reoccurring high cost of real estate ownership. Offering a large array of services (engine and tire cleaning, underbody wash, etc.) for all vehicles, boats and planes will also increase revenue, as well. 
Direct Competitor Company: Where are they based? is owned by Automo, LLC and is located in Temecula, California. The company was established in 2014. 19 The firm is a direct competitor their business model is a two-sided platform affiliate model. This model allows for nation-wide coverage. 
What stage of growth are they in? The company is seven-years old and is in business growth stage; consumers are aware of their service and customer base and revenues are growing. How much revenue do they generate? EXTRAPOLATE 
Better Business Bureau. Website: 89082087 
How many customers do they have? EXTRAPLOATE What are their strengths? services all types of vehicles including scooters and golf carts. They do not wash and detail airplanes. Nation-wide affiliate coverage and 24-hour emergency service (in some areas) and same-day, next-day service are strengths. 
How do you plan to neutralize them? Car Wash Campus neutralizes’s with matching national coverage, 24-hour emergency service and same-day-next service, as well. Our affiliate partners service the same variety of vehicles, as well as planes. 
What are their weaknesses? The firm’s glaring weakness is a bad Better Business Bureau Rating as a result of very poor customer service.
How is that an advantage Car Wash Campus? The advantage to Car Wash Campus is there is a large number of alienated, disgruntled customers available to experience the products they desire and the excellent customer service they demand and deserve. 
What can you learn from your competitors to make your company stronger? Customer service is paramount. It is the underlying foundation of continued increasing revenue and the gateway to long-term consistent profitability. Car Wash Campus will request all clients to rate their service provider upon completion of their wash and/or detailing. A service provider must receive a consistent score of 4 out of 5 to maintain an active status in the affiliate network. This is not a new industry policy and policy is only effective is it is backed up with enforcement. Rigorous enforcement builds company credibility through customer satisfaction.  
Better Business Bureau. Website: 89082087 

Differentiating Factors:
Differentiating factors per competitor are as follows: Close Competitor Lower operating expenses is the differentiating factor from the All-American Mobile Detailing. How will these advantages translate into a long-term advantage for Car Wash Campus? Higher free cash flow for investor payouts, increased net income and net profit margins are the long-term advantages for Car Wash Campus. Lower operating costs mean less infusion of working capital over time. High earning yield and ROCI (return on capital invested) are probable as revenues increase on fewer working capital dollars. Maintaining low operating expenses, lower periodic infusion of working capital and revenue growth are the staples for long-term profitability. Direct Competitor Car Wash Campus and its affiliate service partners total commitment to outstanding customer service is a primary differentiating factor from (Automo, LLC.). Enforcement of the provider survey minimum score requirement is a factor, as well. How will these advantages translate into a long-term advantage for Car Wash Campus? Establishing company credibility and customer trust through the execution of these mandates will, not only, separate our firm from its competition but will increase end-user engagement, new affiliate partner involvement, retention of current affiliate partners, and increase revenue in the process. Federal and state taxes are another contributing factor to Car Wash Campus’ lower operating expense advantage.

Target Audience:
 We have invested time in researching the features and preferences of our target market. Our interest is focused on two demographics and addressing the following questions: 
 FINTRUS Research. Website: 22 California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Website: 
 Who are the people Car Wash Campus’ app is designed to appeal to? The Car Wash Campus app will appeal to the upwardly mobile, socially connected Millennials and Gen Z demographics. Millennials are good at accepting change. Having grown up during world-wind changes in technology, medicine, the economy and business environment has developed an expectation of change. Many have used change to enhance their careers.  Millennials are curious. They are more apt to take advantage of new or unexplored tools (think Car Wash Campus app) to increase their effectiveness. They are interested in discovering if there is a faster, better way of doing things.  Teamwork is of value to Millennials. They prefer a collaborative leadership environment where they can absorb differing points of view.  Millennials seek feedback. They recognize the value of constructive feedback, especially in the workplace. Well-intended criticism and mentorship are also appreciated. 
Does our target audience skew more male or more female? Women and men’s Internet and app usage is about equal with women at 93% and men, 94%.23 Women slightly edge out men in mobile auto detailing app usage at 31% as opposed to men at 28%. What is the age range of our target market? Millennials are defined as those born between 1982 and 2000. The age range is 21 to 39 years old. Statista. Website: 24 U. S. Census Bureau.
How many people are in this target demographic? As of 2019, there are 72.1 million Millennials.25 Millennials spend 50% of their time on the top ten apps. If we extrapolate due to Car Wash Campus is not, but soon to arrive in the top ten, and discount this figure by 75%, this yields a target market of 18 million potential end-users. 
What is the general education level of our target market? College educated: 26% hold bachelor’s degrees.26  How much money do they make? Average annual income: $47,03426

Generation Z (Gen Z) What do you know about customers in this demographic?  Gen Z are digitally savvy. No instruction needed when it comes to this demographic. They are aware, informed and extremely engaged.  Gen Z is highly educated. Lower high school drop-out rate and more likely to graduate from college. This trend can be traced back to the majority of their parents are also college educated.  Gen Z makes successful entrepreneurs. Tech literate and adventurous, Gen Z is not afraid to visualize and implement.  Does our target audience skew more male or more female? Five hours or more are spent on a mobile phone by 65% of Gen Z women and 50% of Gen Z men. Mobile app usage correlates positively with the overall trend.  Pew Research Center. Website:,to%20pass%20the%20Boo mers%20in%20population%20by%202028. 26 Pew Research Center. Website:  The Center for Generational Kinetics. Website: 20  What age range of our target market? To date, the age range of Gen Z born between 1997 and 2015 is 6 to 24 years old.28 How many people are in this target demographic? As of 2021, there is an 84.7 million Gen Z population in the U. S.29 and 32% of their transactions occur on a mobile app.30  What is the general education level of our target market? Gen Z are more apt to attend college. The Pew Research Center states 57% are pursuing a two-to-four undergraduate degree. How much money do they make? The expected average annual income for Generation Z is $57,964 with $47,000 being the national medium income for recent graduates with 1-to-5 years work experience.

 Marketing Strategy:
 The Car Wash Campus marketing strategy is a three-cornerstone approach – 
*The Pre-Launch Stage: The Pre-Launch Stage is prior to the service being launched. This is when Car Wash Campus builds app visibility and brand awareness. The Car Wash Campus brand will resonate with end-users through its purpose and value, not solely on the app’s features. Below is our plan on how our users will engage and connect with our app: 28 Website: 29 Mediakix Research. Website: 30 99 Firms. Website: 31 The Annie E. Case Foundation. Website: 32 Ladders. Website:,of%20work%20experience%20is%20actually%20%2447%2C000.%20Reality%20bites%
* The Acquisition Stage: The Acquisition Stage A successful mobile app acquisition stage utilizes different strategies, emphasizes creativity, and is continually being refined. Our goal is to get as many end-user downloads as possible within the first week of the launch. The more rapidly our downloads, the higher our ranking in the App Store search results. We will track the origin of user downloads to concentrate our efforts on the most profitable channels and additional acquisition strategies will be employed: 
1) Paid Strategy Paid advertising will begin after app launch on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. LinkedIn is especially effective at letting businesses target our audience based on their interests, location and business and education affiliations. Our ads will be brief, concise and tailor-made for the short browsing attention span. We will take advantage of Google Search as an excellent deliver system to convey our product’s purpose and its solution capabilities. 
2) App Store Optimization (ASO) App Store Optimization involves optimizing our App Store page to rank higher in search results and convert at a higher rate. Over 65% of apps are discovered from a 24 search in the App Store directly. Once the Car Wash Campus app is ranked highly in search for a certain keyword, it will continue to rank for months thereafter. The higher our app ranks, the more visible it is to potential users. Ultimately, the increased visibility should lead to more downloads, which will draw the attention of editors. Good app store optimization is dependent on an array of factors which include title and choice of keywords. Keywords should be strategically placed throughout our listing so it shows up when users search for those words. We will always include features and benefits the user will receive from using the app. Lastly, there are people who would love to use our app but will never find it because it’s not in their language. We will accommodate this by localizing our app. 
3) Apple Store Presentation to Apple’s Editorial Team Getting featured in the App Store is another tool for Cash Wash Campus to utilize within our marketing strategy. Being featured offers a greater potential for apps to increase visibility and downloads which will result in lower acquisition costs, more engaged users, and increased revenue. Every day, a free or paid app is reviewed by professional App Store curators. Apple receives thousands of presentations to feature mobile apps. This tactic can be useful if done persuasively. We will craft a compelling presentation that outlines what our app does and how it is unique. The Retention Strategy Most companies put considerable thought into acquisition marketing, but once they’ve acquired users, if no one is using the app, the product is not yielding revenue. 
Persona Creation Our objective during the Pre-Launch stage is to confirm who our target end-user is, their needs, what they value and their preferences, along with the central pain point our service will address. In-depth user personas develops the end-user journey and assists us in customizing every app feature to the user’s preferences and needs. Our branding, in-app content, features, functionality, monetization strategy and platform choice will resonate with our target user. The persona creation is designed to answer the following questions:
 • What is the central pain point the users collectively experience? 
• What mobile operating system does this target user prefer – iOS, Android? 
• What type of content does our target audience engage in online? 
• What tone, voice and content style resonates well with the end-user?
 • Are there any visual branding patterns prevalent in the target user’s online activities?
 • Do these users follow any reputable influencers in a mobile app’s vertical on social media? 
• What platforms are best for leveraging paid advertisement? 
• Are the targeted users know to pay for apps or make in-app purchases? 
 Answering the above questions through persona creation will assist in our design, marketing and business decisions and will drive the targeted audience to our service. Without thorough research, it is impossible to deliver a service that satisfies a targeted audience’s needs. Perform Competitive Analysis Car Wash Campus has developed a matrix of our competition. The matrix categorizes competitor current prices and packages, service offerings, monetization model, app store ranking, user experiences (UX), services pro and cons and product and company reviews. This pertinent data shapes our entire app marketing approach. 5) Create a Website The number one location for app installs is the mobile website. We are in the process of developing our pre-launch landing page geared to building interest (hype) about our app. The pre-launch website is a very good opportunity to do search engine optimization (SEO) by starting to develop domain authority. Our early-stage landing page will allow us to collect potential user email addresses to be used to inform our audience when our app launches, any new updates, events, features and promotions. All five-star reviews will be included in the pre-launch page content. 6) Review Outreach Strategy Car Wash Campus will optimize our market research 
 Market Research 
Understanding Our Customers) by reaching out to our end-user’s influencers, bloggers, and publications to establish backlinks and supply honest reviews. We will seek out industry-relevant contacts who would be interested in publishing their review of our app. Our brief, concise influencer presentation will contain a link to our website with all needed information to pen their review. 
 Social Promotion Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest along with other platforms will expand our web footprint and allow us to communicate directly with our target audience. We know our market’s age groups, have identified social platforms most popular with these demographics and will focus primarily on them. Entertaining and engaging app promotional content will be posted to build the Car Wash Campus community.  Content Marketing Strategy Car Wash Campus will begin writing a blog months prior to the official launch. The strategy is to have a presence, an authority, in our target market with engaged followers. The launch posts will tout the app’s features and showcase videos and screenshots. The strategic benefits gained are:  Build trust with our niche market. Blog content can be used for email marketing campaigns and to re-connect with contacts and contribute to social media.  Create a brand around our app and establish Car Wash Campus as the niche expert. Drive traffic, brand awareness and conversions with content. 
 convert new customers into lifelong users.:  app. This means we cannot falsely advertise or overpromise. Car Wash Campus needs to ensure our messaging remains consistent or it will inevitably result in frustrated users and high uninstall rates. When it comes to setting a broad app marketing strategy, it is essential to diversify our marketing efforts. Some users will connect with video, others with images or text. We will create diversified content and make sure app reviewers have easy access at all times. Our strategy must be dynamic with iterations and continual optimization as the key to finding the perfect balance of different approaches. One of the most important things to do when considering how to market an app is to define KPIs (key performance indicators). Tracking the right metrics at each stage of the user journey will assist us to identify possible bottlenecks that keep users from moving from the first to the final stage. 

* Retention Stage:
1) Two-Way Communication The more aligned our app experience is with an end-user’s needs and preferences, the more likely a user is to continue using the product. Brands using in-app messages to communicate with their target market will see user retention within  Apple – App Search Ads. Website:  days of receiving a message range from 61 percent to 74 percent.34 In-app messages are notifications that don’t require immediate action but are nonetheless, important notifications to receive. These can include warnings about app issues, payment failures, or version upgrades. Keep in mind, that not every message sent will be relevant to every user. Segmenting our audience gives us the ability to ensure the information they receive will be of value. 2) Push Notifications Push notifications have been shown to increase customer retention, with statistics showing anywhere from a 56% to a 180% improvement.35 Users who have opted into receiving push notifications exhibit 88% higher app engagement than those who have not. 
Giving users an incentive to use the app can also go a long way. Mobile-specific rewards, specialized content access, gift certificates, special promotions, and other offers will drive conversions and encourage engagement. Continued Success Strategy 
1) Ask for User Feedback If people are using our app constantly, it is a sign that we have made a connection with the service. Give them the opportunity to express their opinions with a pop-up invitation to leave a review but we understand user experience should not be sacrificed by this tactic. We will integrate how we ask for a review and make sure it flows well with the user experience, as not to induce friction. The more strategically the pop-up is placed, the better the chances for a positive review. 
2) Bust Campaign A “burst campaign” is one of the most popular techniques used by mobile app marketers who want to climb the App Store ranks. The idea of a burst campaign is to  Upland Locaystics. Website:  Martech Marketing Research. Website: 26 provide a “burst” of exposure for our app in which we aggressively purchase paid media exposure over a short period of time – usually between 24 and 72 hours, depending on budget. The goal is to get as many paid installs as possible and boosting our ranking in the process. All this with the hope of increasing the volume of quality organic installs – this should follow when the app is finally ranked high enough to be discovered. While we should attract more organic downloads from a successful burst campaign, continued paid advertising will maintain steady downloads. Keeping the momentum going is paramount. 3) Referral Bonus Offerings Offering users a bonus or benefit when they promote our app online is a surefire way to get them to spread the word. 
With a staggering 3,900% growth rate
Dropbox is an excellent example of how powerful referrals can be. The company had just 1,00,000 registered users in 2008, which climbed to a staggering 4,000,000 registered users within a mere 15-month period as a result of their referral program. Goal Setting and Key Metric Tracking The only way to know if our marketing strategy is working is to set goals and track the increase in our App Store ratings over a given period of time. There will also be numerous analytical elements that we will need to track throughout the acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention stages of the user journey, making measurement an ongoing process. Some key metrics include churn rate, daily active users (DAUs), session length, time in-app, session interval, and cost per acquisition. From these metrics, we will determine what is effective and cost-efficient and, just as important, what is not. Our focus, efforts and resources are on high-value tactics.  Sasquatch, Inc. Website:  Under Promise and Over 

An important part of every marketing strategy is to not oversell. Word of mouth is by far the most effective strategy for marketing any mobile app. This means we cannot falsely advertise or overpromise. Car Wash Campus needs to ensure our messaging remains consistent or it will inevitably result in frustrated users and high uninstall rates. When it comes to setting a broad app marketing strategy, it is essential to diversify our marketing efforts. Some users will connect with video, others with images or text. We will create diversified content and make sure app reviewers have easy access at all times. Our strategy must be dynamic with iterations and continual optimization as the key to finding the perfect balance of different approaches. One of the most important things to do when considering how to market an app is to define KPIs (key performance indicators). Tracking the right metrics at each stage of the user journey will assist us to identify possible bottlenecks that keep users from moving from the first to the final stage. It’s vital we focus on real-time data and use it to analyze and optimize our performance. 

 Select a Release Date:
Once we receive funding to finalize the necessary tasks at hand. We plan to release in the first quarter of 2022.
 We understand that Google has a lenient app review process and Apple’s process is more rigorous thus we have planned ahead. Anticipating foreseeable setbacks and paying attention to launch overshadowing events occurring in our space are part of our prudent marketing strategy. 
It’s vital we focus on real-time data and use it to analyze and optimize our performance. 

Meet the team behind Car Wash Campus!!

Anthony J Reed: Founder/CEO
Mr. Reed has started multiple businesses over the years including; A1 Soul Food, A Woman's World Detail Shop and 310 Studios. His inventions include an ICAN walking stick which he designed specifically for the blind. Mr. Reed has a raw passion for "the process" which is rare to find in today's environment. His enthusiastic approach utilizing his business acumen is contagious and admired by his peers. Mr. Reed, with his determination, driving for results and perseverance, he will absolutely be a person to watch in the upcoming years.

Jay Worthen: Co-Founder
Mr. Worthen has a genuine competence in and understanding of multiple different fields which complement him to be extremely productive business man. He is a hip hop artist, author, entrepreneur and customer service consultant to a minority owned businesses. He helps to develop strategies for long term customer retention. He is committed to excellence in all aspects of his life.

Cathy Duncan: Administrative Assistant/Business Consultant
Manager/Business Consultant/Entrepreneur
Ms. Duncan is  an accomplished manager with 25 plus years of experience and have worked with a variety of companies. By utilizing strong leadership, team building, creative sales techniques and training capabilities Ms. Duncan is  recognized for maintaining a motivating, positive and productive work environment. She provides all internal and external customers with excellent customer service which resolves issues before a problem arises.  Her best skills are interpersonal savvy and can deal with some of the most complex situations to bring a positive outcome. Building Effective Teams, Business Acumen and Perseverance are more of her best qualities.

 Financial Statements 
Car Wash Campus, LLC. 
Projected Balance Sheet Assets 2022 2023 2024 
Cash and cash equivalents $ 85,000 $ 203,934 $ 287,954
 Deferred Income Taxes $ - $ - $ - 
Pre-paid expenses $ 5,000 $ 26,500 $ 25,200 
Other current assets $ 3,500 $ 13,500 $ 11,500 
Total current assets $ 93,500 $ 243,934 $ 324,654 
Plant property and equipment * $ 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 10,000
 Accumulated depreciation $ (500) $ (1,000) $ (1,000) 
Net plant, property and equipment $ 9,500 $ 9,000 $ 9,000 
Goodwill $ - $ - $ -
 Intangible assets $ - $ - $ - 
Other non-current assets $ - $ - $ -
 Total long-term assets $ 9,500 $ 9,000 $ 9,000
 Total assets $ 103,000 $ 252,934 $ 333,654 
Liabilities Accounts payable $ 4,000 $ 4,600 $ 18,500
 Short-term debt $ - $ - $ - 30 
Total current liabilities $ 4,000 $ 4,600 $ 18,500 
Long-term debt $ - $ - $ - 
Other non-current liabilities $ - $ - $ - 
Total liabilities $ 4,000 $ 4,600 $ 18,500 
Additional paid-in capital $ 100,000 $ - $ - 
Retained earnings (loss) $ (41,062) $ 198,334 $ 118,750 
Accumulated other income (loss) * $ 49,562 $ 50,000 $ 196,404 
Total equity $ 108,500 $ 248,334 $ 315,154
 Total liabilities and equity $ 112,500 $ 252,934 $ 333,654
 Plant, property and equipment is office furnishings and equipment. Income other than from affiliate partners and advertisers. 3

Car Wash Campus, LLC. Projected Income Statement Car Wash Campus, LLC 2022
 Variables -growth rate 2023 2024
 Projected Income Statement Initial Investment $ 1,200,000 
Revenue growth rate 8.0% 8.5% 1.08 1.085 
Revenue $ 550,000 $ 594,000 $ 622,512
 Total Direct costs $ 101,062 2.3% plus .2% 
after 2022 $ 103,386 $ 105,971 
Gross Profit $ 448,938 $ 490,614 $ 516,541 
Gross Margin 82% 83% 83%
 Operating Expenses SG&A (Selling, General and Administration) $ 100,000 2.1% plus .3% after 2022 
$ 102,100 $ 104,550 Coding and programing $ 40,000 1.2% and .2% after 2022 $ 40,560 $ 44,859 
R & D - App tend development $ 250,000 Start-up expense
 Servers acquisition and usage $ 100,000 Start-up expense 
Total operating expenses $ 490,000 $ 142,660 $ 149,410
 Operating Income $ (41,062) $ 347,954 $ 367,131
 Other Non-operating income (expenses) 
$  Interest expense $ - Earnings before income tax $ (41,062) 
Income tax on continuing operations State sales tax (8%) est. $ - 8% $ 27,836 $ 29,370 
Federal Income tax (35%) est. $ - 35% $ 121,784 $ 128,496 
Total Income Tax $ - $ 149,620 $ 157,866
 Net Income $ (41,062) $ 198,334 $ 209,265
 Net Margin -7.5% 33.4% 33.6% 
Net Income Distribution 2022 Variables -growth rate 2023 2024 
Plowback $ - 50% $ 99,167 $ 104,632 Investor distribution $ - 75% $ 74,375 $ 78,474 
Owner distribution $ - 25% $ 24,792 $ 26,158
 Total net income $ 198,334 $ 209,265 33
 Car Wash Campus, LLC. Projected Cash Flow Statement Cash flow from Operating Activities 2022 2023 2024
 Net income $ (41,062) $ 198,334 $ 209,265 
Depreciation and amortization $ 500 $ 1,000 $ 1,000
 Change in accounts receivable $ - $ - $ - Change in inventory $ - $ - $ -
 Change in deferred income taxes (asset) $ - $ - $ - 
Change in accounts payable $ - $ (600) $ (13,500) 
Change in pre-paid expenses $ - $ (26,000) $ (13,900) 
Change in accrued compensation and other liabilities $ - $ - $ -
 Change in deferred income taxes (liability) $ - $ - $ -
 Change in other non-current liabilities $ - $ - $ - 
Net cash from provided operating activities $ (40,562) $ 172,734 $ 182,865
 Cash Flow from Investing Activities Capital expenditures (CAPX) $ (1,000,000) $ (110,000) $ (110,000) 
Change in short-term debt $ - $ - $ - Change in long-term debt $ - $ - $ - 
Net cash provided from investing activities $ (1,000,000) $ (110,000) $ (110,000) 
 Cash Flow from Financing Activities Proceeds from borrowing $ - $ - $ -
 Repayment of borrowing $ - $ - $ -
 Investor distribution $ - $ (74,375) $ (78,474) 
Owner distribution $ - $ (24,792) $ (26,158) 
Net cash provided from financing activities $ - $ (99,167) $ (104,632) 
Net change in cash $ (1,040,562) $ (36,433) $ (31,768) 
Beginning cash $ 85,000 $ 203,934 $ 287,954 
Ending cash $ (955,562) $ 167,501 $ 256,186 

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