CAPE Industries

A portfolio of patented products using high-tech polymers to replace metals in the world’s most demanding industrial electrical applications.

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This information is being provided for your informational purposes only.  Neither the delivery to you of these materials nor any of the information herein is intended to be, and does not constitute, an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any securities of CAPE Industries, LLC.  Any offer or solicitation to purchase any securities of CAPE Industries will be made solely through the delivery to you of a private placement memorandum, securities purchase agreement or similar investment documents.

The Bottom-line,  Up-Front
We are not crypto, a new app or a Silicon Valley valuation, but we are an ELECTRIC opportunity!  We are a Middle America, Made in USA, business with a global market, and a mature, proven, and globally-networked leadership team.
  • $2.3M raised previously, >70% industry-led investment
  • Locally-global, focused on a $2.3B global market
  • $90M, 5-year revenue, high-margin / value-based sales model
  • Strong intellectual property portfolio - domestic and international
  • Pre-launch traction with premium industrial users
  • ROI exit opportunities anticipated within 3-5 years
  • Injection mold tooling completed and manufacturing-ready in USA
  • Initial product line (cable glands) in 3rd party global certification process (think UL, CSA, ETL, LC, etc.)
The Problems with Metal Cable Accessories
The need for CAPE SOLUTIONS comes from the voice of customers, where it is clear that the market has problems and is ready for CAPE's revolution!
  • Metal cable glands and accessories are expensive, corrosive, and complex to properly select and install.
  • They are heavy and have long delivery lead times
  • These competitor products are mostly unimproved during the past 30+ years
CAPE's Unique Sales Propositions
  • One-and-done” advanced materials as direct replacement to stainless steel, brass and aluminum
  • Only non-metal cable accessories suitable for use with the fastest growing cable type – armored cable
  • Lower-cost: 25-75% lower than competitor's metal cable accessories
  • Fast on-site installation to further reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Simplified design: Fewer SKU’s and fewer parts per product
  • Performance like with the benefits of high-tech polymers:  flexibility, price, and simplicity!
Target End-Users (Customers)
Renewables, utilities, OEMs and traditional oil and gas markets make up almost 80% of CAPE’s target market.  These are markets where our relationships are deep and global.  However, all industries that require high-performance, lower-costs and simple, fast, and safe electrical installations are premium opportunities to “connect with CAPE”.
  • Data and Telecom Centers
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
  • Power generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Water Treatment & Utilities
  • Military
  • Marine & Shipbuilding
  • OEMs, System Integrators & Panel Shops
  • Rolling stock
CAPE’s Total Addressable Market is $2.3B.  We are targeting the top 6 global competitors, to capture 1% of each or 4% total market share to deliver $90 million revenue. 

Interesting fact – 4 of these 6 competitors have made multi-billion dollar acquisitions to include cable glands and cable accessories to their portfolio in previous years, and this appetite for acquisition continues, highlighting their lack of internal innovation.

Business Model - High Growth & Sustainable
CAPE’s business model is a straight-forward manufacturing to wholesale to end-user model.
  • Injection-mold manufacturing is a scalable and cost-efficient manufacturing method and as CAPE sales increase, our cost of goods sold decrease.
  • CAPE’s direct invoice customers are wholesale electrical distributors that support CAPE in two ways:
    • First – to maintain local inventory to meet project demands, and 
    • Secondly, to serve as an extension of the CAPE sales team towards local contractors and OEMs.
  • The end-users of CAPE products are electrical contractors, OEMs, and project owners.  CAPE’s strategic pricing point will deliver a 25-75% material cost savings plus an anticipated 30-50% labor savings delivering a competitive advantage to CAPE and lower total cost of ownership to end-users.
  • Did you know that a single industrial project may include 150,000 cable glands?  A single project opportunity represents more than $2 million revenue.
Why Partner / Invest with CAPE?
  • Early-stage growth opportunity & industry disruptor
  • Best in class product designs, materials and innovations focused on end-user and installer efficiency
  • US and International patents issued with additional patents pending
  • Manufacturing-ready 
  • Sales-ready, first customers committed
  • Stocking distributors and sales channels on-deck and ready to launch
  • Strong competitive advantages and barriers to entry
  • Industry veteran leadership, advisor and investor teams with high-level, global network

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