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ShowMOBud your social cannabis connection! Connecting people with people all around the world with a marketplace and Bud tinder on Deck serving one menu from all your local dispensaries Bud Nation please crall me! Best buds for good people! There's so much more but I'm not to disclose that with anyone unless it's worth you time and we can come to a agreement. Thank you! God bless America it's a hub for a 50 billion dollar a year industry pothead  to govner bud  a marketplace to sale all your hippe and growing equipment a dash board for a the jobs available  all the information about the next good strain it's really a know brainier I will ask for a mentor but bottom line 50 billion year  that the only thing to compare the budnation to is 33 Millon  give them surveys make a profile and share for everyone to see and I came up with that in November. We are trademarked. Mobile Application Proposal

Table of Contents 


of Contents 















Development Process

Executive Summary

Respected all, 

Based on our conversation and thoughtful discussions, we are  delighted to offer you our services not only in order to develop but to  create an app with great impact for your target market since we have  expertise in this regard to create an app which can generate  exponential revenues. 

This proposal entails a detailed view of understanding the objectives  for this project, and talks about the functionality that the app is going  to be equipped with. It also reflects a comprehensive analysis of our  
core methodology in terms of developing the app, technology that will  be used; some UI/UX references which we believe are fit for a project  of such nature. 

To initiate the project we have suggested a breakup of timeline,  costing and laid out the terms and conditions considering your needs  which will allow us to commence a long-term alliance based on trust  & reliability for current and future endeavors. 
Objectives Overview 

The aim and objective of “Marketplace app” is to facilitate the  user to find products as per their requirements, purchase it and  get it delivered to their address. This application allows the user  to do exactly that with a simplified process. 

User Roles/Interfaces: 

There will be 3 levels of users in this application. 

• User – Customers/Buyers  
• Vendors – Sellers/Dispensaries 
• Admin – You
User Journey: 

Currently, the idea behind the application  is to be a marketplace for customers  from where they can easily buy and sell  products. 

They can register themselves as sellers  by following a certain process and the  customer goes through the following  process to get their desired products.

App Features

Key features – User’ Interface: 

Search & Purchases: 

These specific users will be able to perform the following actions: - Secure Login 

- Browse services 

- Filtration on location/ratings/categories 

- View Vendors/sellers 

- Order History  

- In-App Chat  

- Buy now  

- Cart Integration  

- Integrated Payment  

- Ratings And Reviews 

App Features Overview 

Key features – User Interface: 

Rate and Review: 

● In rate and reviews the user shall be able to perform the  following: 

- Able to view past purchases 

- Able to rate and leave comments on the service - Able to rate the product 


● In communication the user shall be able to perform the  following: 

- Communication with the user via chat message 

Profiling and Account Management: 

In profiling and account management the user shall be able to  perform the following: 

- Able to update profile details 

- Able to reset password 

- Able to set payment mode and wallet
App Features Overview Key features – Vendor Interface: 


The vendors will be able to perform the following  actions: 

- Create Profile  

- Category Management 

- Accept/Deny order 

- Product Availability Status 

- Resolve Inquiries 

- In-app chat 

- Dashboard with channel performance 

Profiling and Account Management: 

In profiling and account management the rider shall be able to  perform the following: 

- Able to update profile details 

- Able to reset password 

- Able to set payment mode and wallet 

- Able to update/upload services

App Features Overview 

Key features – Vendor Interface: 


- Communication with the user via chat message

Design (Admin Console) 

• Login 
• Dashboard 
• Assign roles 
• Manage Users 
• Manage Vendors 
• Manage Payments (Only view) • User review management system • Manage Payment Commissions • Manage Support Inquiries 
• Manage Push Notifications 
• Manage Storage 
• Manage Content (Terms &  
Conditions, FAQs, Privacy Policy,  About Us, Contact Us) 
• Generate Reports & Analytics 
• CRM for account management

Design (Monetization) 

• Commission Fee 
• Service Subscription 

• Promoted Profile

Technology Specifications Front-end 


iOS 13.0 till Present iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12  Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14 Pro Max 

Android 4.0 till Present Device list will be part of the Statement of Work 

Development Language 

iOS Swift Android Dart 

Development Environment 


XCode Flutter 

Technology Specifications Back-end 


CMS Custom built CMS using PHP 

Database MySQL 

Server Amazon Web Services 

Dashboard PHP Framework /Laravel 

APIs Hosting 

PHP Framework REST API (JSON) Amazon EC2 Cloud (Preferred) or existing ones 
Technology Specifications Testing Tools 

Unit Testing 

iOS XCode Simulator 

Android Android Emulator 

Dashboard Latest Browser(s) 

Integration Testing 



iPhone 7, 7+, 8, X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro On all devices which are part of the SoW Latest Browser(s) 

Technology Specifications Design / 3rd-party Integrations

UI / UX Design 

Wireframes Adobe XD / Sketch App 

User Interface Adobe Photoshop 

Clickable Prototype Adobe XD / Figma 

3rd-party Integrations 

Payment Gateways SMS API* 

Analytics/ Maps* 
Stripe API Twilio 


Assumptions Overview 


This specific mobile application can be used  
in Portrait mode only. The UI elements will  
expand or contract depending on the 
device screen size. 


To better monitor & monetize the statistics,  
the app shall be integrated with a 3rd Party  
analytics* engine to allow a dashboard view  
for easy management & to facilitate reports  


This "Estimate" includes for web portal &  phones, assuming UI shall be same for iPhone and Android versions of the application. If there is a requirement to develop for any other  platform, there will be increase in the cost and  development time. 


As with any mobile app development process  there are multiple aspects of technical nature  to account for, and this app is no exception. This "Estimate" does not include server  costs, database, web hosting and/or 
Play Store/App Store Developer ID.
Costing Details (Updated) 

Initial – Project Initiation 

Initial – Sign up fees 

Design & Architecture 

USD 3,000 

USD 1,500


Design UI / UX 

Develop & Program 

Alpha Development  

Final-Beta Development & Adjustments Testing & Launch 



Total Cost of the Project 
1-2 weeks 

1-2 weeks 

3-4 weeks 

1-2 weeks 

2-4 weeks 

2-3 weeks 

14-17 weeks (max) 

USD1,500 USD 2,000 USD 8,000 

Sprint Plan 

Pre-Production Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 

Ideation & Brainstorming by BA + Tech Lead + PM 

Competitor Analysis by BA + Tech Lead + PM 

Resource Allocation by BA + Tech Lead + PM 

Service Agreement by BA + Legal  

by Design Team + PM 

Design UI/UX 

by Design Team + PM 

Architecture (S.O.W) by Tech Lead+ PM 
Alpha Admin Console by BA + Development Team 

Alpha Android 
by PM + Development Team 

Alpha iOS 
by PM + Development Team 

Backend Architecture by PM + Development Team 
Beta Admin Console by PM + Development Team 

Beta iOS + Android by PM + Development Team 

QA Testing 
by PM + Development Team + QA 

By PM + Development Team + QA

Wireframes & UI Examples 

What are wireframes? 

An application wireframe, also known as a  
page schematic or screen blueprint, is a  
visual guide that represents the skeletal  
framework of the application. 

What are UI’s (User Interfaces)

An application interface, or user interface, is  the set of features an application provides so  that a user may supply input to, and receive  output from, the program. 

l a











App Publishing 
This stage is very important where the  client, during the app development  process, decides upon a name for the  Application. Often the intended  names are not available on App Store;  therefore the clients are promptly  informed to suggest an alternate  name. After a name has been  finalized. 
ttt Hosting Server 

Our company will create the  Application on a test server which  simulates an environment where the  application will be deployed. After the completion of this Project, the  Client will be responsible for hosting  the app on their server. If the Client  does not have a server available, our  company can suggest you an appropriate hosting server. 
Free 60 days Maintaining 03 

Our company will offer 60 days free of  cost maintenance warranty to the  client, ensuring smooth running of the  application without any bugs.  Although, rarely any error occurs in our programming but when it happens  our team promptly fixes it. 


















Brainstorming & Strategy 
As soon as we receive your request for  a custom quote, our Apps Expert calls  you to get the complete details of your  
project. We discuss the central idea  and feasibility of your project by  acquiring relevant & specific  
information from you. This paves way  for a comprehensive brainstorming and  strategy development process. 

Prototype Design 

After the clarification of project details  and requirements, our professional and  experienced team starts working on your  project. We initially provide a prototype  which shows how the actual app would  look like at the end of 
your app development process.  
Approve Your Design 

Next, our Apps Expert gets in touch with  you for feedback and suggestions  regarding the prototype. As soon as you  approve the design, we steer your app  building process on an unimaginable  speed. 


















Programming & Development 04 

During this phase, our programmers  get indulged in application query flow  and platform compatibility assessment.  The developers start full-fledged  development while keeping the  promised milestones in mind 

Quality Assurance & Testing 05 

We assign a Quality Assurance experts to the Client's developed app. The Quality  Assurance expert checks the app for  bugs, design inconsistencies, spelling  errors and broken links. The App gets  released for the final approval only upon a  full quality check done by our QA Expert. 
Marketing & Promotion 

This is the final step when your  application is ready to be sent to the  digital waves for Marketing and  Distribution. We offer promotion of your  app on all major platforms like App Store  & Play Store. 

Payment Plan
Type  | What is achieved?  | Description  | Cost
Project Initiation  | - Wireframes completed - UI/UX designed - Adjustments (per client request) -Themes implemented | Starting the project, designing wireframes, logo, app  themes, backend structure and branding  | $ 3,000.00 
App Package compliation | - Backend connected with the frontend - APK and IPA files are created for  stores | After the Logo, Wireframes and themes have been  approved by the client, the complete UI for the  application is attached to the backend structure | $ 1,500.00 
Alpha Testing | - application test links shared with  creator and testers - adjustments made to ensure 100%  functionality - In house application quality & stress  testing | After UI is approved by the client the application  packages for IOS and Android are created and  released to testers via download link for testing. On  feedback from testers the adjustments are made to  the application | $ 1,500.00 
Beta lauch and live on stores | - Connecting database services and  activating necessary APIs - getting application approved and live  on Apple app store and Google Play  store | After all revisions are made and client is satisfied  with the application performance, the app will be sent to for review to Google PS and Apple AS, changes  are made until the app goes live on Google Play  store & Apple App store | $ 2,000.00 
Total  | $ 8,000.00 

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