Cannabis At War

Raising $520k to produce the docuseries, Cannabis At War.

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A bold, docuseries about how the government exploits the cannabis industry. Eye-opening truths about what's going on under the canopy.

The demand for docuseries, especially of a political or crime nature, are extremely high right now...and there couldn't be a better time for this
project in the current market!

We already have an interested streamer buyer, and we've already lined up enlightening interviews with reporters, tax lawyers, a
congressman, a governor, cannabis experts and researchers, countless farmers, and even a judge. Currently, through my personal
connections to Snoop Dog and Seth Rogen, we're slowly working on getting these two as cameos to increase sales value even more!

This docuseries is one of many milestone projects for a larger slate of both narrative and documentary films as we work to erect a new
studio/distribution company that is desperately needed in the independent spaces.

We invite you visit and watch the video which walks through the financial position and plan.

The team:
Seth Christian -Founder
With over a decade of experience in the film industry, Seth has won numerous awards world-wide such as: Best Director,
Best Thriller, Best Drama, Best of Fest, Director's Choice and over 50 nominations including an oscar-qualifying short film,
Seth has been recognized as an emerging, meticulous filmmaker in the industry.
Besides having a series and 5 feature projects in development, Seth was one of the producers on the feature "Echo Boomers",
which was picked up by Universal and Saban. Seth has been blessed to work on additional projects with Bruce Willis, Michael
Shannon, Patrick Schwartzenegger, Thomas Jane, Snoop Dog, Trace Adkins, Tom Berenger, Alex Pettyfer, Mike Tyson,
Lesley Ann Warren, and more.

John Crye - Distribution/Development
For over a decade, John Crye was the Founder and creative lead of Newmarket Films which was the
25th largest film distribution company of all time (, and
was in charge of the development, acquisition, production, and distribution of hundreds of successful feature
films. He helped write, develop and produce films for first time directors Christopher Nolan with his first film “Momento” and
Nolan’s second film “The Prestige” who then went on to direct The Dark Knight trilogy, “Inception”,
“Interstellar”, etc
He also launched the careers of Gore Verbinski making his first major film “The Mexican”
with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, also Nikki Caro with “Whale Rider”, and Patty Jenkins with the Academy Award
winning film “Monster” who went on to direct “Mulan” and “Wonder Woman”, and Richard Kelly who he
developed “Donnie Darko” with. He is an immensely talented writer and creative who knows all aspects of the
film business, from development, to production and distribution.

Devon Boyd - CFO Interum/Development
Devon Boyd served as the CFO for Millennium Films since 2007 and has since financed
over 40 successful feature films that have all turned a profit, securing over $400 million dollars of financing,
including a $130 million dollar revolving line of credit at Comerica Bank. Among the films he has financed and
produced are: The Expendables, Conan, The Mechanic, Drive Angry, Righteous Kill, Rambo, Brooklyn’s Finest,
Trust, Leaves of Grass, Stone, and many others. He is well versed in all aspects of the film business, from
development and financing through production and distribution. He specializes in creating film finance structures
that maximize return on investment, as well as corporate structures, and the streamlining of business

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