Candace Woodson

Raising $100k-$500k for promotion and to have the ability to perform worldwide.

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  • Introduction - Entertainer, Sing, Act and Songwriter. I entertain people by doing these things
  • My Team - Candace Woodson
  • Problem - The problem is lack of funding to properly promote the brand
  • Solution - Funding and a marketing company will fix this issue because of a lack of note ability and awareness in the market
  • Business Model - I’ll make money from performing and receiving royalties 
  • Competition - It is difficult to compete in a market with artists who have a major label or major funding to support them
  • Your Vision - I bring a old-school new school twist with my songs that provide encouraging and empowering lyrics. I also bring a exciting style of entertainment
  • Traction - The number one song in the UK on the UK SoulChart top 100 for the year 2021 also a review from Valerie Simpson of Ashford and Simpson endorsing me as an artist
  • Funding Ask - $100k to $500k
  • Projections - The goal is to be on all media base main stream radio platforms and to perform on all television networks and to be in movies and commercials by licensing my music
  • What's Next - I am currently promoting my new single trying to be perfect as I wait for funding to properly mix and master my upcoming album

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