Cameron Joseph Music

Raising $75,000 to sign with a top tier Christian music management firm and get a record deal signed.

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Upcoming Christian Artist close to signing a full time record deal within the CCM industry. In order to begin touring full time as a Christian artist and sign a full time record deal,  I need to raise $75,000 in order to fairly compensate a legitimate Christian music management firm that would negotiate a record deal on my behalf with industry executives and be my representatives for the long term. This management firm would consist of top tier professionals representing me as an artist.  These individuals would include a team of full time songwriters, vocal coach, social media manager, music producer, and manager who have all worked with the best of the best within the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) industry. Within a year alone, my music has attracted over 15,000 fans on socials and I've also amassed 24,000 streams with the songs I've released on Spotify.  With the right investor, we will be able to make a major influential impact within the Christian music industry.


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